The Prince's Convenient Proposal

The Prince's Convenient Proposal

Barbara Hannay

The Prince's Convenient Proposal by Barbara Hannay

Reviewed by Helen

OMG this is a magical story that will keep you enchanted from page one beautifully written I fell for Prince Rafael of Montaigne with our first meeting he is strong handsome and determined to do everything for his small country even giving up his playboy ways and marrying for convenience sit back and enjoy the journey.

Charlotte Morriset or Charlie as she is known the girl from Bankstown is a caring hard working girl there has always been just her and her Dad an artist and now she has a stepmother and baby sister who needs help and Charlie is doing what she can when fate takes the form of a handsome stranger calling her Olivia this person Rafe stuns Charlie in a few ways and when he makes an offer she cannot refuse Charlie is in for the journey of her life.

Rafe is shocked when his convenient fiancé does a runner he has men searching for her there is a lot depending on this marriage so when he finds her in Australia of all places he is determined to bring her back but what he finds is apparently an identical twin who knows nothing about her sister but is willing to help him out that should end when Olivia returns. The two girls have different personalities and Rafe cannot help falling for Charlie.

This is a Cinderella story (my favourite troupe) the girl from the suburbs (my home town) is whisked away to the dreamlike country of Montaigne slips into the role of Olivia and falls helplessly in love with Rafe. Truly this story ticks all of the boxes for a fabulous romance a true fairy-tale that had me sighing and smiling throughout, Rafe and Charlie are so meant for each other fate did the right thing. I highly recommend this story it is one not to be missed, thank you MS Hannay for another story that will stay with me for a long time a keeper.

5/5 stars for true Fairy-tale

Published January 3rd 2017 by Harlequin Presents