Pursued by the Desert Prince by Dani Collins (The Sauveterre Siblings #1)

Pursued by the Desert Prince
by Dani Collins
Review by TashNz | 5 Stars

If there is one book you must read in the month of release, March 2017, this is it! I would almost beg every romance lover not to pass by this beautiful and emotional story which I adore so much I feel I need to give it 6 stars.

The first in a quartet we meet Angelique, twin to Trella who is the catalyst of all the emotions each of the Sauveterre's feel. What was to only be a one night stand with Prince Kasim turns into months of nights snatched here and there when their hectic lives allowed. What made this story remarkable to me was the characters, the sense of humor brilliantly sprinkled throughout which made for awesome banter and the fabulously suspenseful family secret of Kasim.

A lot of thought has gone into the writing of the story and hints for the future installments, the complicated setup of Kasim's family and the plot of this book is all brilliant in its delivery.

I truly, truly adored this story and very much look forward to books 2-4!

Review by Adel | 5 Stars

Pursued by the Desert Prince by Dani Collins is the first book in The Sauveterre Siblings quartet and is Angelique’s story. Angelique is the quiet and shy twin compared with her identical twin sister Trella but she has been forced to step outside her comfort zone to protect her sister after Trella was kidnapped as a child. Kasim, Crown Prince of Zhahair, mistakenly thought Angelique is having an affair with his sister’s fiancĂ©. When she clears the misunderstanding up nothing can stop him from having an affair with her himself! 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it is fast paced, shows the glitz, glamour and drawbacks of celebrity living and the characters are hotter than hot. This is a great start to the series and I look forward to reading the next story. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romantic HEA stories.

Review by Dottie | 5 Stars

Pursued by the Desert Prince is the first of a series called "The Sauveterre Siblings" and what an amazing first book.  First you have 2 sets of Identical twins , a family dynasty that has been destroyed by a kidnapping and are forced to go to extreme measures to protect them.  I know I cannot do justice to the review as the book is that amazing but I will try.  the first book has Angelique who with her twin Trella design wedding gowns.   Add to the mix Kasim ibn Nour who doesn't believe the story of why they are gifting the gowns to his sister, instead thinks she is the mistress of his sisters fiancĂ©e.  He confronts Angelique and this is just the beginning of a story that has everything in it a romance reader would love and throw in 1000 more reasons to love it. Amazing is not giving it the credit it deserves and I am anxiously awaiting the other 3.  Ms. Collins has written one of the finest romances I have read and truly worth more than 5 stars and instead of gold its Platinum.  don't miss this one.

Review by Lynn Brooks | 5 Stars

Really enjoyed this kick-off to a new series from Dani Collins! We get the first of the four Sauveterre sibling stories with another sibling following the next month. They're easy to connect to, yet shrouded in lots of secrets and an overly protected life, so it's fun to delve below the surface and get to know them more.

Prince Kasim ibn Nour is determined to see his sister happily married to the man that she loves, so he visits designer Angelique Sauveterre to make sure she ends her liaison with his soon-to-be brother-in-law prior to the wedding!

Angelique can't believe he thinks she is someone's mistress! She sets him straight in no uncertain terms ... and by the end of being put in his place by her, Kasim is so intrigued that he wants to claim her for his very own! Family obligations on both their parts limit their freedom to live their lives as they wish, but they decide to have a short lived fling that is just for their enjoyment. When their time together is supposed to be coming to an end, will they be able to walk away?

Review by Helen | 5 stars

WOW this is an amazing powerful, emotional and sizzling story one that should not be missed by any romance reader from page one this story lights up the pages brings the characters to life and sets us up for a very moving and sensual journey to a beautiful HEA, grab a drink make yourself comfortable because you are not going to want to put this one down.

Crown Prince Kasim of Zhamair is stepping in to ensure that one of the designers of his sister’s wedding dress Angelique Sauveterre is not going to attend her wedding he is convinced that she was a mistress of his new to be brother in law, but upon their first meeting there is an electrical jolt that Kasim cannot deny she is feisty and gorgeous and should be so off limits to Kasim but needless to say he cannot resist but can he save his heart?

Angelique is an identical twin and has identical twin brothers as well they are famous in Europe for more than just their beautiful fashion designs as a family they are followed by the paparazzi and security is always there. So when The Prince drops in to meet Angelique a lot happens as with Kasim Angelique cannot deny the spark that connects them and it takes a lot for her to agree to a date but what a first date it is. Angelique surrenders to the passion and sensual pull that is Kasim.

Both Kasim and Angelique have been through a lot in their lives but being together brings the caring, loving and emotion out in them this one is so beautifully written it made me smile shed some tears and above all cheer this couple on. The first in a series which is fabulous because I want to know so much more about these siblings they are close to my heart already this is a book that I highly recommend a fabulous story.