A Debt Paid in the Marriage Bed by Jennifer Hayward

A Debt Paid in the Marriage Bed
by Jennifer Hayward
Review by TashNz | 5 Stars

An exquisitely emotive story of second chances which starts with the most beautiful author's dedication.

Lorenzo is presented with the most shell shocking news about his divorce and one the shock subsides he knows this is his once in a lifetime chance to get his wife back in his life where he's always wanted her, by his side.

Angelina reluctantly returns, yes with the requisite blackmailing, but it's about there things take a different path, Lorenzo truly want a his marriage back and he is written in the most devine way, all the while also submerged and consumed in trying to land the deal of the century and accept his past to be able move into his future.

Angelina loves her husband but past hurts with him and her family have made her stronger and she's not going to be walked over and 200% consumed by everyone then discarded, like she once was. I loved she could say what she wants and I really believed in her character and what she was trying to achieve; a career that she worked hard for as well as a marriage that she did want to succeed.

I could not put this book down, luckily I'm on holiday, but I stayed curled up, duvet and all, soaking up the emotive,  intense and passionate world, characters and  atmosphere created by Jennifer Hayward, the characters, the intensity and the drama of two people who belong together. A wonderful epilogue rounded out the perfect story!

Review by Adel | 5 Stars

I really enjoyed A Debt Paid in the Marriage Bed by Jennifer Hayward. It’s a story about second changes and how important communication is to make a marriage work. This is not your typical romance where the hero and heroine don’t communicate at all. It was so refreshing to read! 

Both characters have emotional issues that they need to resolve and the book show us how they develop and rise above their pasts to become better people and the chemistry between the characters was off the charts.

I recommend this book to any romance lover. 

Review by Dottie | 5 Stars

Ms. Hayward starts her lovely story with a beautiful dedication to her Dad, who sadly passed as she was writing this book.  All her books have such heart and soul in them and this is another example of her amazing talent. Angelina and Lorenzo fell in love and got married, Nope not HEA yet.  Angelina walks out of the marriage and after so much heartache finds someone new and plans to remarry.  End of story? Not.  If you have never read a Ms. Hayward story you will never miss another she is one of the finest authors there are and her books are always amazing. I will be as brief as I can and try not ruin the story. Lorenzo finds out their divorce was never filed, also his brother cannot provide and heir for their fathers dynasty business,so Angelina is the answer.  Sound great except Angelina is marrying someone new.  Not happening when Lorenzo explains how the divorce wasn't filed, her place of business is his building unknown to her and he has loaned her father money to keep his business from going under.   Add her mother has psychological problems.   So Lorenzo's answer? To keep things as they are she must  stay married and produce his heir.  Wow what does Angelina do now?  She always has loved Lorenzo but this?  That's all I will say because this is a book that is so emotional and passionate that to give anything else away will ruin the enjoyment you will get from this incredible book.  It deserves  gold instead of 5 stars due to the emotions between all the characters, the story that wraps you in and to add the icing to the cake the wonderful epilogue.  I cannot truly give this review the justice it deserves all I can say is don't miss it. Awesome

Review by Lynn Brooks | 5 Stars

An exciting read filled with a mixture of turmoil and emotions!

Angelina Carmichael has her world turned upside down at her engagement party when her ex-husband shows up to tell her that they are still married and she will be returning to his bed to fulfill her duties as his wife ... or he'll ruin her father!

Lorenzo Ricci can't stand the fact that Angie walked out on him all those years ago, and now that he needs an heir and finds out that they are conveniently still married, what better way to get one than to bring his wayward wife back home?

These two produce fireworks when they are in each other's vicinity. Will they actually be able to calm down and listen to each other to make their marriage work, or will it be all be a repeat of history with them pushing each other away again?

Review by Helen | 5 Stars

MS Hayward writes a story that pulls you in from page one they are sensual emotional and so very, very enjoyable and I loved this one the hero is one alpha gorgeous man, Lorenzo Ricci he is also very protective and there are good reasons for this but when a mistake with his divorce brings him back to his wife Angelina and the Ricci family needs an heir well then let the fireworks begin.

Angelina is so shocked when her supposedly ex-husband shows up at her engagement party and declares them still married and that this time he is determined to make their marriage work but there will have to be a lot of give and take for Angie to be convinced. Angie has changed a lot in the last four years but that desire and spark for Lorenzo is still there but she will not be walked all over this time around and is unwavering in her mind that she will continue to be herself and keep her business going strong as well.

Lorenzo is strong and protective but cannot love again that hurt too much the first time around but what he and Angie have is good, sensual and the desire is so very strong he is sure that is what is needed in this marriage but Angie is stronger and finally opening up to him and Lorenzo is giving more and more.

Yes truly I loved this one I didn’t want to put it down these two people loved each other so much but past events and family problems had pushed them apart but a mistake has bought them back together. I loved the strength that Angie shows never giving in to Lorenzo but their desire can never be denied. I can highly recommend this one you will be smiling and sighing in such a good way when you get to the end a sensual fabulous story.