The Innocent's Secret Baby by Carol Marinelli

Review by TashNz 
5 Stars

Read in one sitting, I couldn't put Raul and Lydia's story down for a variety of reasons.  

The story was intense and had me on the edge of my seat. The locations and setting was beautiful and the storytelling was unique.  It was written differently to what I was used to and I think this is what made the story intense for me.  Raul was quite intense and Lydia was like a flower starting to bloom, Raul being her sunlight.  

Throw in a good mixture of revenge and I was hooked!  I loved the glassblowing and I really liked the stubborn side of Raul because it made the read all the more interesting.

Hearty congrats to Carol Marinelli for reaching 100, I'm a long time fan and enjoy every read!

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March 2017 Release
Reviewed by Helen 5| Stars
Woohoo what a doozy of a story this one is I loved the setting and the chemistry between Sicilian Tycoon Raul Di Savo and innocent Britain Lydia Hayward this one is a one sitting read and the hero and heroine light up the pages with passion and a vulnerability that will have you turning the pages. Lydia is in Rome to help her mother and step father with saving the family castle in England and she is being pushed towards a very handsome man but Lydia is not keen at all to help she is not drawn to Bastiano, but caring and doing what is expected of her is all she has done her whole life but that is going to change when she meets the strong gorgeous Raul whom she is so drawn to sparks are going to fly in more ways than one. Raul has led his life with revenge in the background always trying to do one better than his nemesis and when by chance over hearing a conversation he goes after the prize and what a prize she is beautiful innocent and he is so drawn to her he is the one night stand type of guy nothing serious for him but this time his heart has fallen big time to this woman who is not going to be walked all over. This is a fabulous story as these two people come to realize that love is what they need and that a passionate night together leaves a consequence that will bring them back together for the best HEA. This one is a sensual moving and emotional journey that had me smiling and tearing up I loved Lydia the strength that she shows and Raul is just the best when he gives in to love. Woohoo MS Marinelli on your 100th book and one that I can highly recommend way to go.