Reunited by Their Pregnancy Surprise by Louisa Heaton

Reunited by Their Pregnancy Surprise by Louisa Heaton
Reviewed by Helen | 5 Stars

When a car accident causes Obstetrician Sam Saint to wake up with amnesia and his wife Emily to discover she is pregnant and their marriage was on very rocky footing will this bring them together get them to open up? Love is so important but so is talking and communicating with each other.

Sam loves Emily with all of his heart their marriage was perfect in the beginning but with Emily wanting to talk about starting a family this has been putting pressure on Sam because he doesn’t want a family he has kept a secret close to his heart for many years and does not trust himself to take care of a child oh he loves delivering them but they are someone else’s responsibility.

Midwife Emily fell hard for Sam when she met him and they married started a business and worked hard but she is feeling that it is time for their family but Sam will not discuss it with her and things are looking pretty bad for them as a couple, but with the car accident can Emily work at getting Sam to open up you see she loves him and will does anything to save their marriage and a trip to Paris for a second honeymoon may just do the trick.

This really is a beautifully written story the setting is fabulous Paris the city of love. Sam had been bought up to not talk keep things to himself and Emily felt that everyone wanted to leave her and to see Sam finally open up and Emily’s strength and determination had me turning the pages. It is so very sensual as they rediscover each other and finally communicate with each other. This is one that I highly recommend I loved it.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published March 21st 2017 by Harlequin

Review by Cheryl | Deserves more than 5 stars

Louisa Heaton wrote the perfect story of what can be real life. 
Sam Saint is an OB/GYN and is married to Emily Saint who is a midwife.
Sam and Emily basically fell in love at first sight and after a whirlwind romance were married. Now 18 months later Sam is waking from an accident and has amnesia and cannot remember his marriage etc. Emily was also in that accident and she discovered that she is pregnant. 
The story then takes them on a 2nd honeymoon to see if that helps Sam to remember the past and fight for their marriage. 
Sam and Emily belong together – despite all the problems they have encountered and their own childhood history can they make it? 
Louise Heaton has captured a complete story, one that will keep you reading as you will not want to put it down. She does deserve more than 5 stars. Enjoy!

Review by Alexia | 5 Stars

"Reunited by Their Pregnancy Surprise" is a compelling read about the irrefutable connection between a man and a woman. The story grips you from the moment you pick up the book, and you will not want to put this one down. Leaving much of the story out because if you read the premise of the book it will draw you into the story. It is one of those MUST BE READ stories.