A Perfect Strategy

A Perfect Strategy

The New Jersey Ice Cats

Anna Sugden

A Perfect Strategy by Anna Sugden

Reviewed by Helen
If there ever were two people that were perfect for each other than these two are, retired ice-hockey captain Scott Matthews and business consultant Sapphire Houlihan, oh but there are a few hurdles to cross before they both see this. Scott has been having a hard time settling into life after ice-hockey and a divorce and well Sapphie has had such a hard childhood that commitment is way too much for her but love has a way of changing lives.

When Scott takes on a new job in the office of his beloved Ice Cats he does not expect to run into the woman that he has not forgotten after a very sexy sensual weekend at their friend’s wedding, but now it seems that they will be working close together and the sparks are still there, can he convince her that they can have a relationship and work together?

Sapphie lives her life to the fullest she has built her company up and works hard she has her flings but there is no way that she wants anything permanent but now that she is working closely with Scott she is feeling the pull and can feel her life changing, there is so much going on and their time together is just the best and life is complicated can she change?

I am loving this series and I think this is my favourite so far, Scott is such a gorgeous hero and Sapphie strong and caring and what a story it is, it has everything it is so very sensual and so very moving I cried, I smiled and I sighed thank you MS Sugden for another keeper you have given me hours of reading pleasure and of course it was wonderful catching up with friends. I highly recommend this one it is a must read one you will not want to put down.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published February 1st 2017 by Harlequin Special Releases