Falling in Love Again

Falling in Love Again

Marilyn Forsyth

Falling In Love Again by Marilyn Forsyth

Reviewed by Helen
This is a story of second chance love, a story that is set in the opal fields in outback Australia, where it is hot dusty and emotions can go either way when Palaeontologist Gemma Stephens and the handsome adventurer Jamie Coltrane meet again after seven years apart there is a lot of water under the bridge and secrets that have been kept, this one is a very up and hill journey to a well-deserved HEA.

Gemma has arrived in the small town of Rainbow Cliffs chasing a very rare opalized fossil that she desperately wants for the museum she works for this should get her the grant that she wants and set her up in her job so as she can care for her son Drew the little boy means so much to her. Gemma is now free of her cruel husband Roger (or is she) and is shocked when she runs into Jamie Coltrane the ex-love of her life who walked out on her years before oh but that spark is still there but Gemma has so much to come to terms with her life has changed over the years and so has she.

Jamie has a tendency to run when things get tough and he walked out on Gem years before to be with his father they now run the only motel in Rainbow cliffs and mine for opals and Jamie has hit the jackpot with his find and what he wants to do with the fossil is totally opposite to what Gemma wants and this is going to cause a few problems but that sensual pull that is still there they were so right together before can they be again?

Fate has bought them together but Jamie still has a temper and Gemma has lost a lot of her confidence over the years but can they overcome these issues with help from each other? It takes them both a bit to realize that neither of them had stopped loving each other and opening up about secrets is what they needed and they need each other and finding true love is so beautiful. This one is an adventure in true love a fabulous setting and a story that I recommend.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published April 15th 2017 by Escape Publishing