Always You

Always You

Joanne Dannon

Always You by Joanne Dannon

Reviewed Helen
A really lovely moving story of lovers reunited after hearts had been broken, there is a lot of water under the bridge for Bea Morgan-Young and Nigel Ashworth (Ash) and Bea has decided it is time to make amends let Ash know how much he means to her so a trip to Israel is on.

Bea has had a troubled life and has finally found peace with the help of an old friend and is finally ready to go after the only man she can love she is praying that he will listen to her and believe that she is a changed person. Bea is a lot stronger than she ever has been but is she willing to compromise for Ash?

Ash has been humiliated by Bea twice before and it will take a lot more than the electrical spark that is still there between them to make him believe her, you see that sensual pull was never a problem it was talking to each other the give and take in a relationship that it needed, they need to open up to each other first.

This was a fast paced emotional story with such a fabulous setting that added to the spark and openess between Bea and Ash, of course there are a few ups and downs along the way to a lovely HEA that had me smiling with the true love that is finally there for them both. Thank you MS Dannon for a great story that left me in a happy place.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published 2017 by Clarendon 3 Publishing