Mummy, Nurse...Duchess by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Nas Dean

MUMMY, NURSE…DUCHESS? By author Kate Hardy is a May 2017 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Rossie Hobbes was not dating or open to relationships. Especially not trusting charming men again. Yet, the sexy Dr Leo Marchetti made something tick inside her. And there was definitely chemistry flaring between them.

Could he become the father to her toddler twins…would he?

MUMMY, NURSE…DUCHESS? is a romance filled with emotions and drama. Author Kate Hardy did a wonderful job of bringing Leo and Rossie together to create a family despite all the emotional baggage and past grief they carried. I was hooked in the story as a reader until the very last page. This story had all the drama of a medical romance.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.


5/5 stars from Helen for a fabulous story

This is such a beautiful story it is moving and so very heart-warming as Nurse Rosie Hobbs finds her Prince charming in the guise of Doctor Leo Marchetti. Leo is also an Italian Duke and finding the love of his life complete with family was not what he set out to do when he arrives at The Paddington Children’s Hospital in London for a temporary position which he is also hoping will help save the hospital from being closed down.

Rosie is a single mother to 3 year old twins Lexie and Freddie and she has been through a lot with her deceased ex and is very protective of her children and will do anything to keep them safe so when the very charming Leo is asking her out she finally agrees thinking that he will run when he meets the children but that is so far from the truth and she can feel the sparks getting stronger but she is very wary after what she has been through.

Leo has decided after the life he has had with his over bearing father that perhaps marriage and a family is not for him he loves being a doctor and loves working with children and although the rumours about is love life are not true there is not a lot of woman in his life, but when he meets Rosie there is such a spark, a string pulling them together that is opinion on marriage is changing, oh but she is being a tad hard to get to go on a date but he is determined.

I loved Leo he is so caring and understanding he gets Rosie to open up and he senses her fear and helps her with it and the children in such a fabulous way. Leo and Rosie are meant to be together their love shines through and the future is so very bright for them all. MS Hardy has really brought such joy to these characters and me. Thank you MS Hardy for a wonderful story that had me smiling so much. This series is so good I am really loving it and I highly recommend this one.