Bought for the Billionaire's Revenge

Bought for the Billionaire's Revenge

Clare Connelly

Bought for the Billionaire's Revenge by Clare   Connelly

Reviewed by Helen

This is MS Connelly’s debut for Harlequin and what a beauty it is there is sensuality oozing from the pages and sparks flying in so many directions between the hero Nikos Kyriazis who is after revenge and the heroine Marnie Kenington, Marnie is the socialite known of Lady Heiress but there is a lot more to Marnie than most people see and I loved getting to know her and Nikos on this very sizzling journey to a very well deserved HEA.

Marine met and fell in love with the boy from the wrong side of the tracks when she was seventeen he was friends with her sister Libby’s fiancé but when Libby passes away and devastates the family Marnie’s parents force her to get rid of Nikos she cannot refuse them so hurts herself and Nikos and she never forgets him and although she has a few dates here and there no one will ever be Nikos.

Nikos is devastated when firstly Marnie drops him and he is bought off by her father but it makes him so very determined to make something of himself and that he does he works hard becomes a billionaire and is so sure that one day he will have his revenge and when he finds out that Marnie’s father is almost bankrupt he steps in with cash on the condition that Marnie marry him finally his revenge, but in the end his life is about to change forever.

Oh what a story the emotion and the depth of the characters had me turning the pages my heart went out to Marnie so many times and Nikos I could have hit him but I knew that his love for Marnie was so very strong as hers was for Nikos. I loved Marnie’s strength and courage to stand up to Nikos throughout the story and her caring and loyalty to her family and of course to Nikos yes there were a few tears lots of sighing and lots of smiles in the end. Thank you for a fabulous story MS Connelly one that I thoroughly enjoyed and can highly recommend.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Expected publication: July 18th 2017 by Harlequin Presents