Wedding Night with Her Enemy

Wedding Night with Her Enemy

Melanie Milburne

Wedding Night with Her Enemy by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Helen

MS Milburne has done it again with this fabulous story I am never disappointed by one of her books and this one is a cracker of a story, the banter just in the first chapter between the hero Greek billionaire Draco Papandreou and strong career heroine Allegra Kallas is steamy sizzling and very humorous, that it had me turning the pages and forgetting about everything that was going on around me, I highly recommend that you sit back and enjoy as I did.

Allegra has returned to her home in Greece for the christening of her half- brother but she is in for a rude shock when her father and the man that she had a crush on when she was sixteen Draco, blackmail her into marrying him to save her father’s business. Allegra is a lawyer and handles divorces and after what she went through growing up a marriage of convenience is not what she wants but it is what she will settle for that is of course until the sparks start flying between them and the air crackles with the heat.

Draco does not do emotion or love so this marriage of convenience is going to get him what he wants and that is Allegra she will be the perfect wife they suit each other so much she is intellectual and they get on well and even though the convenience includes the pleasures they can give to each other, he is convinced love will not enter the bargain until his emotions start to change.

MS Milburne has such a way with words that this story flows beautifully and has all sorts of emotions throughout, the sizzle between them is so very strong, both of them go into this with their own views and both need to work hard to change them for each other in such a beautiful way. Draco is the best hero so caring and loving he is a hero to die for and Allegra the perfect heroine for him, a crush that has grown into love. This is one that should not be missed I loved it from page one and was left smiling at the end thank you MS Milburne for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published June 20th 2017 by Harlequin Presents Large Print