Bound to the Italian Boss

Bound to the Italian Boss

Hot Italian Nights #3

Annie West

Bound to the Italian Boss by Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

This is a fabulous quick read a story that will sizzle and light up the pages as your turn them, MS West knows how to bring two people together in a luscious and beautiful story, get yourself comfortable and sit back you won’t want to be disturbed as you get to know Allegra and Luca two adventurers.

Allegra Davis is very good at her job but in the past she has been taken advantage of so she has changed her appearance, made herself look very different when she starts this new job with Luca de Laurentis and things are going really well yes she is attracted to him very much but does not show it. But when they are on a business trip to the mountains in Italy and Allegra takes a bit of personal time to do one of the things she loves riding her bike she is discovered in her leathers by her boss and the sparks start to show.

Luca thinks his PA Allegra is a fabulous worker and he is drawn to her for some reason she is not his normal type but they work well together, so when on that dangerous mountain he discovers the real Allegra he is hard pressed to not give into the strong pull he has towards her and doesn’t and what a night they have.

I loved the journey that Luca and Allegra have to that wonderful HEA Luca is so caring of Allegra’s past that he almost doesn’t get to second base with her but the ever strong Allegra stands up and together they join in a very sensual sizzling affair that is sure to have lots of adventures in the future. MS West really does write amazing stories that I love stories, that have me sighing and smiling and I can’t highly recommend this one enough, this is one not to be missed a fabulous romance.

5/5 stars fabulous story

Published June 1st 2017 by Annie West