Their One Night baby

Their One Night Baby

Paddington Children's Hospital #1

Carol Marinelli

Their One Night Baby (Paddington Children's Hospital #1)

Reviewed by Helen
This one kicks off this series and it does it with a heart-warming story filled with a sensual pull between a hero who has a bit to come to terms with and a heroine who is a loner and not very good at sharing feelings and again MS Marinelli has done it so well, sit back and enjoy this one I certainly did.

Dr Dominic MacBride works in A&E at Paddington Children’s Hospital known as the Castle he has come down from Scotland recently after a very back break up that involved family he can be moody and with reason he has been hurt badly he of course has no intention of falling in love again, but meeting ambulance officer Victoria Christie well his life is about to change there is an instant pull between them.

Victoria Christie spends a lot of time bringing patients to The Castle and this is a very special place for her seeing as how she spent a lot of time there growing up, she was bought up by her single Doctor father and is a hard man no wonder she tends to be a loner but she says what she thinks comes across with no feeling but DR MacBride sees through that and seems to be able to push her buttons in more ways than one and when they have a steamy torrid meeting in a turret at the hospital there are consequences that upend her life.

I really did love this story Victoria and Dominic are perfect for each other but Victoria will not be pushed and Dominic needs to work out things with his family first and with the threat of closing the hospital added on as well this pushes them together more but their feelings for each other are hotting up and Victoria being stubborn adds so much to the story and this one will keep you turning the pages it is really a moving story and I did shed a few tears but was smiling big time at the end and I look forward to the others books in this series.

5/5 stars for a moving story

Published March 21st 2017 by Harlequin