Her Pregnancy Bombshell

Her Pregnancy Bombshell

Summer at Villa Rosa #1

Liz Fielding

Her Pregnancy Bombshell by Liz Fielding

Reviewed by Helen

MS Fielding has one of those magical romance voices that will just make you smile throughout the story, her stories are just so romantic and moving and this one is no different. The setting is just gorgeous Italy, the hero and heroine just really need to be together and the other characters add so much to this sensual and beautiful story get yourself set for a fabulous journey.

Miranda Marlowe is a pilot she loves her job and is just such a caring person and she has been in love with her boss for many years but he was married and running the company but he has lost his wife in tragic circumstances and when he really needs support Miranda is there and one very moving night leaves consequences. Miranda is sick she can’t fly her plane and she needs to get away for some serious thinking and what better place to go to than Villa Rosa a place she loves there are lots of memories from her childhood with her sisters. There will be new memories made here.

Cleve Finch is a handsome man some would say a playboy in his younger days and meeting the beautiful Miranda when he was younger has stayed with him always and when she got her pilots licence he gives her a job but by this time he is married but they are good friends. Life throws some tough balls at times and Cleve is struggling a little until Miranda steps in. When he goes after her and arrives at the Villa and rescues her from a spider well his life is about to get a lot better. Miranda is so good for him in more ways than one the sensual pull could spark a fire and the way she helps him open up well it made me smile.

This really is a story not to be missed Cleve is just the most gorgeous hero and Miranda caring and loving so a marriage of convenience for the sake of the baby turns into the love match that always should have been. Thank you MS Fielding for another fabulous story a keeper for sure. Oh and I do look forward to the other stories in this series.

5/5 stars this is a fabulous story

Published June 6th 2017 by Harlequin Presents