Healing the Sheikh's Heart

Healing the Sheikh's Heart

Paddington Children's Hospital #5

Annie O'Neil

Healing the Sheikh's Heart by Annie O'Neil

Reviewed by Helen

This another fabulous instalment in this series this time Dr Robyn Kelly has her journey to a HEA but what a journey it is this one opens up old wounds for Robyn and her hero Sheikh Idris Al Khalil and brings such joy to Idris’s daughter Amira, this one is sure to leave you smiling in the end but be prepared for a few tears along the way.

Robyn is the head of surgery at The Paddington Children’s Hospital a top ENT specialist and she has been asked to present herself and her plans for the operation that if all goes well will change the life of The Sheikh’s daughter who was born profoundly deaf. This is a hard task for Robyn you see she sticks to herself normally and is a bit shy but the hospital needs all the support it can get and Robyn is the best in her field and she has a heartbreaking secret that will come out.

Idris comes across as a hard man but you see he lost his wife during childbirth and will do anything for his daughter and his country and choosing the best doctor for this surgery on his daughter has been trying for him and they are in London now and meeting Robyn Kelly is a real shock for him. But when he insists that she travel to his homeland there is no help for either of them as they fall very much in love against their better judgment.

This is beautifully written, the setting fabulous and the characters awesome they are all strong caring and show will power and their journey to a HEA it is moving and emotional but with Amira’s welfare first up in both of their minds falling in love is the emotion that neither can deny. Oh I did love this one thank you MS O’Neil for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a beautiful story

Published June 1st 2017 by Harlequin Medical Romances