Bound by the Millionaire's Ring by Dani Collins

Reviewed by Nas Dean

BOUND BY THE MILLIONAIRE’S RING by author Dani Collins is a Harlequin Presents release for October 2017.

This is Book 3 of Dani Collins’ mini-series ‘The Sauveterre Siblings’.
Book 1: ‘Pursued by the Desert Prince’.
Book 2: ‘His Mistress with Two Secrets’.

Isidora Garcia has hidden her broken heart from everyone around her and yes, even from Ramon Sauveterre. Though Ramon thought he did her a favor by breaking her youthful crush on him by breaking her heart.

But now Ramon needed her to agree to a charade. To pretend she was his fiancée. She did agree but could she protect her heart from breaking again?

With their passions riding high and scorching chemistry between them, they ultimately gave in. But what would happen now? After all Ramon didn’t do marriage and family—with good reason.

Could Izzy gather her shattered heart once again and survive?

BOUND BY THE MILLIONAIRE’S RING is a scorching hot and highly sensual romance. A reader would be hooked to the pages till the end. Author Dani Collins brought two such characters in this book that you will laugh and shed tears for them. Izzy, though a strong heroine, has a soft spot for the family and would do anything for them. The reason behind this would move you to fight tears. Ramon, though spoiled and arrogant, is still a sensitive hero and would make a place in your hearts.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 

Bound by the Millionaire's Ring

Sauveterre Siblings #3

Dani Collins

Bound by the Millionaire's Ring by Dani Collins

Reviewed by Helen

I am loving this series it is absolutely fabulous MS Collins engages readers from page one with her sizzling sensual stories about two sets of identical twins and this one is a beauty sit back and enjoy Ramon’s story and who better than to have as his heroine none other than loyal family friend and employee Isidora Garcia.

Ramon is a racing driver who will do anything to protect his family from paparazzi and danger and when he needs to protect one of his sisters, Trella he does the unthinkable and proposes marriage in front of the media to the Sauveterre International’s PR boss Isidora on bended knee no less, of course he plans for it to be temporary until Trella has worked things out but really Isidora makes his pulse beat like no other woman ever has.

Isidora is furious over what Ramon does but as loyal as she is she cannot refuse him she is best friends with both of Ramon’s sisters and their families have also been close friends they know each other’s secrets but she also has had her heart broken by him years before has she really let go of the crush or has it turned to true love.

After one kiss the spark and pull between these two just about lights up the city and before long the their fake engagement turns into an affair that should be temporary but with a chemistry between them that sizzles and the way they can open up and talk to each other changes their lives. Oh you won’t want to put this one down MS Collins you rock I loved it and I can’t wait for Trella’s story thank you for giving hours of reading pleasure.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published September 19th 2017 by Harlequin Presents