A SEAL's Surprise

A SEAL's Surprise

Sexy SEAL Series #3

Tawny Weber

A SEAL's Surprise by Tawny Weber

Reviewed by Helen

This is such a great series and MS Weber is Queen when it comes to writing sexy sizzling stories about SEALs man are they gorgeous alpha and all man and I want them all. This is Eli Spencer and Macy Berk’s story a revenge story and what a beauty it is sit back and enjoy this quick and scorching read.

Macy is a fabulous wedding planner and is planning the wedding of friends and is after revenge with her ex who happens to be the bride to be’s brother and she is sure her heart will not be upset by it when it happens, oh but is she so wrong because when she comes face to face with Eli her heart stutters and the heat heats up they were always good together before, that is until he left her for a vow he had made with his friends when he was young and just starting in the navy can she make him see that they can be together and happy with his career and does she really want to?

Eli has arrived at the week- long party before his sister’s wedding to one of his best friends and his emotions are in turmoil because he is sure that no man can have a loving relationship with a wife and be the best they can as a SEAL and to make matters worse his ex Macy is there and the spark between them has not gone away even after all of this time. It is time to make some decisions.

Oh this one hots up as Eli and Macy cannot get enough of each other but of course there is a lot of talking that needs to be done as well and a lot of convincing each other that yes they really are in love and they need to be together. Woohoo I loved this one it really is such a beautiful story that will keep you turning the pages and smiling at the end. Thank you MS Weber for another keeper, don’t miss this one I highly recommend it.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

 Expected publication: September 27th 2017 by Tawny Weber