The Tycoon's Marriage Deal

The Tycoon's Marriage Deal

Melanie Milburne

The Tycoon's Marriage Deal by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Helen

MS Milburne has such a fabulous writers voice this story is filled with banter that will have you laughing and smiling throughout, I picked this one up and just didn’t want to put it down till it was finished beautifully written it will pull you in make you feel at home with the gorgeous playboy hero Blake McClelland and shy bakery owner Matilda Toppington so sit back and enjoy.

Tillie has been stood up at the alter and is sworn of men forever she is never going to marry, she will stay single and work hard to pay of her debts caused by the marriage and be happy so when Blake starts arriving at her shop daily and insists that she serve him and then drops the bombshell on her that he will make a deal with her to be his fake fiancé for one month Tillie says no but then when the engagement ring he gives her causes her to change her mind her life is upended in such a good way.

Blake is determined to get his ancestral home back for his father his plan includes Tillie being his fake fiancé there is to be no falling in love and defiantly no marriage and although he would like to take her to bed that can be a no as well, although Blake finds himself being drawn to the beautiful, shy but smart Tillie like he has never before been drawn to any woman and soon that pull will give way to bliss.

Tillie and Blake journey a sensual sizzling path to a HEA that will have you smiling there is such joy for them both and add Truffles the dog to the mix as well as the engaging characters from the village makes this a story not to be missed. Both Blake and Tillie have childhoods that had sadness in them and to see them so happy together is such a delight. MS Milburne you rock thank you for another story that is a keeper, I highly recommend this one to anyone who loves a good sensual and fun story.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published September 19th 2017 by Harlequin Presents