A Fortunes of Texas Christmas

A Fortunes of Texas Christmas

Helen Lacey

A Fortunes of Texas Christmas by Helen Lacey

Reviewed by Helen

This one sizzles from page one, at the first sighting of the heroine by the hero, in a garden, as far as our hero is concerned she is a vision, an angle in white and he is determined to get to know her and when he does what a ride they go on, this one had me turning the pages MS Lacey knows how to bring her characters to life.

Amersen Beaudin wealthy owner of a Paris night club and a winery, has arrived in Austin Texas from his homeland of Paris to speak to the matriarch of the Fortunes family Kate, about a business deal, but there are ties to this family that the strong always going to be single Amersen wants to keep to himself and he has no intention of getting to know this family well, but things can change when Kate makes him an offer too good to refuse and when he finally meets his angel beautiful gardener Robin Harbin his life takes a big turnaround.

Robin has been through a rough break-up from the guy she thought she loved and has thrown herself into her work on the Fortunes Ranch as gardener no going out just staying close to her parents and home, but when she meets the arrogant Frenchman, she sets out to put him in his place, but this leads to a sizzling affair but Robin wants all from him not just a fling and she is nothing but strong and determined to get her own way.

Really this is a wonderful story a gorgeous Frenchman, a beautiful Texan girl, Christmas time and Robin’s favourite colour is purple what more could a romance reader want and yes this one sizzles it is sensual and moving as Robin helps Amersen finally get to know his Texan family. Yes I was exhaling and beaming throughout this story and I can highly recommend it MS Lacey you have done it again another story for the keeper shelf.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: November 21st 2017 by Harlequin Special Edition