Her Knight Under the Mistletoe by Annie O'Neil

Reviewed by Nas Dean

HER KNIGHT UNDER THE MISTLETOE by author Annie O’Neil is a December 2017 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

ER Doc Mathew Chase comes to a new job in a new hospital but he has a to be in a job-share with Dr Amanda Wakehurst. He knew Amanda but what he didn’t know was she had a son. And Matthew was the dad. What would he do when he finds the secret Amanda is hiding?

HER KNIGHT UNDER THE MISTLETOE is a sweet romance. Author Annie O’Neil once again brought a tale which medical romance readers would love.

Recommended for all readers of medical romance. 


Her Knight Under the Mistletoe

Annie O'Neil

Her Knight Under the Mistletoe by Annie O'Neil

Reviewed by Helen

What a beautiful story this one is when two people who have a past are up for the same job as ER Doctors in a busy London hospital, this is going to cause a bit of friction at work and with each other. Secrets need to be revealed and a look at their pasts before they can move on.

Dr Matthew Chase is back in London and he wants the job as ER Doctor but when he finds out that it is to be a shared job with Dr Amanda Wakehurst emotions run high as she is the last person he expects to see they shared a very sensual one night stand a couple of years ago and he has never forgotten her, and he finds that the spark between them is still there can they work together?

Dr Amanda Wakehurst is a single mother to a two year old boy Tristan she comes from a wealthy family but has always been the black sheep and is not close to her mother and father she works hard and needs this job, so running into Matthew again is a real shock, you see she has kept a secret from him for two years and now might be the right time to tell him.

There is a lot that Matthew keeps to himself there is no way he can be responsible for anyone, his life is to help returned soldiers and be a good doctor but when he learns the truth about Tristan and feels the need to help Amanda he starts to think that maybe there is more to this family thing and of course Amanda has a lot to overcome from her past but they are meant to be together as a family the love they share is beautiful. This story had me smiling I loved both Matthew and Amanda, MS O’Neil packs a punch with her characters and stories they are sure to keep the reader engrossed throughout.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published December 1st 2017 by Harlequin Medical Romances