Christmas at Cade Ranch

Christmas at Cade Ranch

Rocky Mountain Cowboys #1

Karen Rock

Christmas at Cade Ranch by Karen Rock

Reviewed by Helen

This is a beautifully told story, a story of love, redemption and learning to trust and learning who you are and letting go of the past to make a future for the people who mean the most. Sit back and make yourself comfortable as you get to know this family of ranchers and the first heroine who is going to join the family.

James Cade is a man who needs things to run smoothly he has lists and ensures that everything goes right, after the death of his younger brother Jesse, this is essential for James so the ranch keeps going but when Jesse’s ex Sofia Gallardo and her young son Javi walk into their lives and end up staying for a while James the man always in control starts to lose that control can he get over his trust issues for a wonderful future.

Sofia and her son Javi have lived a hard life through homelessness and struggle with personal problems but she loves her son and misses Jesse, so when she decides to move towns and start afresh she makes a stopover to finally meet Jesse’s mother and Javi’s grandmother Joy but that leads to a stay at the Cade Ranch and her getting closer to the controlling James.

James and Sofia come from totally different families and backgrounds and there is the memory of Jesse to contend with as well but neither can deny the spark that started at their first meeting, even after what Sofia has been through she is still a strong and loving person and James mellows a little the longer she stays and of course Javi becomes such a part of the family. I loved this story there is such emotion flowing through the words the issues are tackled so well and this one is such a great Christmas story as well, yes there were tears and smiles and I am very much looking forward to more in this series. This is one I highly recommend thank you MS Rock.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published November 7th 2017 by Harlequin Heartwarming