The Formidable King

The Formidable King

Alyssa J Montgomery

The Formidable King by Alyssa J. Montgomery

Reviewed by Helen

WOW this story is one that pulls you in from page one MS Montgomery has pulled out all of the guns to get us to know the hero and heroine in this story the hero is strong and determined to get what he wants in any way he wants and the heroine is so very vulnerable having been through so much in her life, I am sure that you will love getting to know them as I did sit back and enjoy.

The hero in this story is King Gabriel de la Croix from the Kingdom of Santaliana and he is so arrogant when he meets the head of his late sister’s foundation India Hamilton, but you see he has his reasons he felt he had met her before, the gorgeous Cinderella with the violet eyes who deserted him years before when their first meeting caused all sorts of sparks to fly in an instant attraction that left him with her always in the back of his mind even though he had so much turmoil going on in his life and mind already. That attraction was still there and stronger than ever did he get everything wrong?

India is just such a beautiful person, a person who had never felt loved or cared for, her years growing up with her parents travelling the world to one disaster after another left her in danger many times and when eventually she returned to England to her grandmother she started to make a life for herself working for The Princess Eden Foundation and finally finding a friend in Eden, but Eden has passed on and now she has to meet with her brother the king and well that does not go to plan but I loved the strength India showed.

This really is a moving story, a story that shows strength in the characters who are both vulnerable and both in need of some true love but they need to learn to trust and to open up and then live, I loved this story India really is the best heroine so strong and caring after what she has been through and Gabe well such a responsible man who has held guilt close to his heart for too long. Now together they will conquer in love and happiness this one left me with a big smile and I highly recommend it.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published December 12th 2017 by Escape Publishing - Harlequin Enterprises,