Forever a Father by Lynne Marshall

Reviewed by Nas Dean

FOREVER A FATHERby author Lynne Marshall is a March 2018 release by Harlequin Special Edition series.

Dr. Daniel Delaney’s heart was in a shut-down mode after the pre-mature birth and death of his daughter and the subsequent leaving of his wife. So when his new assistant, Keela O’Mara asked him to babysit her four year old daughter, he was overwhelmed and out of his depth. How could he look after a baby girl? But then the little girl and her mum broke down all his walls and restraints.

He doesn’t see himself a fit dad for Keela’s daughter or as her partner. Yet he couldn’t ignore the longing he has for their love. Could they have a happy ever after?

FOREVER A FATHER is a mesmerizing romance filled with emotional intensity. Author Lynne Marshall has once again astounded her readers with her heart-warming story telling style.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Forever a Father

The Delaneys of Sandpiper Beach #1

Lynne Marshall

Forever a Father by Lynne Marshall

Reviewed by Helen

This is a beautiful, sweet and so very heart-warming story, a story that will open the reader up to past hurts and to a journey that brings two people and an adorable little girl together and so deservedly, make yourself comfortable to read this one because you are not going to want to put it down.

Dr Daniel Delaney thought life was fabulous he had all that he wanted and then gone, just like that and it hurt, so he has decided that falling in love again is not going to happen and he has moved back home to Sandpiper Beach close to his family and started his own practice and all is going great but he needs to keep his mind on the job and not is Irish assistant Keela O’Mara and her daughter Anna.

Keela O’Mara came to America when she fell for American Ron they married had a daughter and then everything fell apart, so now Keela and Anna are living in Sandpiper Beach happily and Keela loves her job as a physical therapist in the new practice run by the gorgeous Dr Delaney, but like Daniel, Keela feels that Anna and her job are the most important things but sparks will fly and try to connect people.

This is a very moving story the emotions fly from the pages the characters are real and loveable the Delaney family are the best, Daniel and Keela are just perfect for each other and Anna what an adorable child she adds so much to the story. Seeing Daniel overcome his fears about being a father and falling in love again and Keela opening up again to a man this time a man who will love her as she deserves and Daniel being loved so much in return. This is the first in a series another bonus I am looking forward to Mark and Conor’s stories, thank you MS Marshall for a fabulous story.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Published March 1st 2018 by Harlequin Special Edition