Redeeming the Rebel Doc

Redeeming the Rebel Doc

Susan Carlisle

Redeeming the Rebel Doc by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Helen

I really enjoy Susan Carlisle’s stories they have lots of emotion and feelings throughout them and this one is so very good, we have a Doctor who seems to be a bit of a rebel doing as he wants and then we have a PR executive who seems prim and proper when they are put together to help improve our Doc sparks fly as they learn a lot about each other.

Doctor Rex Maxwell has been through a malpractice lawsuit over the last year and he has been told by his boss that it is time to change his image and help with the hospitals as well, he reluctantly agrees and this brings him in contact with the beautiful Tiffani Romano there are a few clashes at first but as they work together he sees what lies underneath and the attraction grows.

Tiffani Romano has broken up with her boyfriend and she is determined to do well with this assignment so as she can get a promotion and move away although she carries a big dislike towards Doctors in general nothing is going to stand in her way, that is until she gets to know the handsome Dr Rex and his caring ways. It doesn’t take long before her feelings for Rex are growing.

Rex and Tiffani are so very opposite to each other and it has pulled them together in a very sensual story, a story that shows true love and strength, I loved Rex from the start he is made out to be a rebel and a bit of a bad boy but really he is a true hero and Tiffani is such a beautiful person caring and strong, I loved her determination but I loved the way they both fell for each other, MS Carlisle knows how to bring her characters to life in these stories, this is one that I highly recommend.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: March 1st 2018 by Harlequin Medical Romances