Bad Bachelor

Bad Bachelor

Bad Bachelors #1

Stefanie London

Bad Bachelor by Stefanie London

Reviewed by Helen
This is such a fabulous story, wow I didn’t want to put it down once I started it, Stefanie London has such a way with words they bring life to her characters on the pages they become friends people that you feel close to and I just about inhaled this story and yay it is the start of a new series bonus, I do highly recommend this one and if you have not read a Stefanie London book before this is a great place to start and I am sure you will be reading her backlist.

Reed McMahon is gorgeous, confident and fabulous and in his PR job he has been made partner and he is a love em and leave kinda of guy, he has no intention of settling down and loving someone heaven forbid you see they might leave him at some stage, so he prefers to keep people at a distance get on with life. But suddenly there is the new app that has found its way onto the internet Bad Bachelors, New York’s bad boys and Reed finds himself no 1. This turns his life totally upside down as does the fact that he has to help with a fundraising project at a library of all places and the librarian Darcy Greer is going to turn him inside out.

Darcy Greer is an individual she loves her job as a librarian she loves her two best friends Annie and Remi and she has been known to be different with her tattoos and boots and black clothes, yes she is sworn of men since she caught her ex fiancé with someone else the day before her wedding a year ago, but she is caring and such a smart lady. With pressure from her friends to check the Bad Bachelors app out to start dating again she sees a lot about the bad boys so when number one bad boy turns up at her library to help with the fundraiser this throws them together and if looks could kill or heat New York up well let’s say it is heating up.

I loved both Darcy and Reed two special people both a little damaged from their pasts, both a bit scared to love but their first meeting sends them both into a spin, the dialogue throughout the book is just fabulous the come- back lines are amazing, but as they build walls around themselves to stop them from being hurt we get to see their real personalities and when those walls start to crumble the emotions skyrocket up. Darcy and Reed are just made for each other and MS London has bought them together in the best story it really is fabulous, MS London you have left me one very happy reader, I can highly recommend this one it ticks all of the boxes for a fantastic romance. Maybe Reed is not a real bad boy after all or is he?

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: March 6th 2018 by Sourcebooks Casablanca