Hot Angel by Lynn Raye Harris (Hostile Operations Team Novel #12)

HOT Angel
by Lynn Raye Harris
How memorable and exciting are these characters? How awesome is the action and how AAARGH is the cliff hanger for Hacker? 100, that's how!

Brooke gets her story and her man in Hot Angel.  Traumatised by past events she's a closed book and not conventionally brave when it comes to chatting to Cade, one of the first men who makes her look twice!  The texting is unique and quite a huge enjoyable part of this book and before you know it you're reaching the last page.  (insert sad face hehe).

The adventure is awesome and a mix of local and Columbian and while it's a horrible time for Brooke, it's the catalyst which makes the two realise what they mean to each other.

A super, super enjoyable story which had me at hello.  I LOVED Max and OMG, the cliff hanger for Hacker!  Helllooo!

TashNz | 5 Stars

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