A House of Lies

A House of Lies

Belle Hamilton #2

Michelle Montebello

A House of Lies by Michelle Montebello

Reviewed by Helen

This story is fabulous I just about inhaled it. It is so well written, fabulous characters it is fast paced intriguing and with a romance throughout, this really is a book not to be missed although you will need to read the first book in this series Interwoven (which was also fabulous). This one is a real page turner so make yourself comfortable because you will not want to put it down.

I met Belle Hamilton is the first book and got to know her really well, I think she is such a wonderful person she has such strength and character with everything she went through to get on with life and still manages a long distance relationship with Andrea who is still in Italy. Belle has settled into life in the suburbs of Sydney working as a chef she still has nightmares and longs to be with Andrea. But when her father has a heart attack and she rushes back to her family home in Sydney she overhears a conversation and again her life is about to be turned upside down again.

This brings Belle and her best friend Riley together on a trip to Scotland to investigate the death of Riley’s mother in Sydney back in 1988, so many secrets so much intrigue did she commit suicide or was she pushed and why is nobody here in Australia answering any questions? Belle and Riley have a lot to uncover and with a mystery person found in the wilds of Scotland this brings more questions and heartfelt emotions with them but this story moves fast and with hope and answers.

I truly loved this story from page one and cannot highly recommend it enough there are a lot of emotions running throughout a lot of detective work required and the friendships from the past and new friendships all add to the journey as they get to the bottom of the tale, which left me in a happy place. I do look forward to more in this series as I am sure there is more to come. Thank you MS Montebello for a fantastic story one that will stay with me for a long time.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published by Australian eBook Publisher (first published February 23rd 2018)