The Italian's Marriage Bargain

The Italian's Marriage Bargain

Hot Italian Nights #7

Annie West

The Italian's Marriage Bargain by Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

This is a very sensual moving story it sizzles with want and need a second chance romance and one that I inhaled it is so good, billionaire Massimo Conti and film star Gina Moretti married seven years before they were young and in love and went full steam ahead but Gina’s career and Massimo’s family caused a few problems and misunderstandings which tore them apart but did they ever stop loving each other, I recommend that you pick this one up for a couple of hours fabulous reading.

Seven years on and according to Gina, Massimo is still trying to make her do what he wants, she has just finished filming her new movie in Venice where there have been photos from the paparazzi with her and another man and now her long lost husband is demanding that she spend a week with him in Milan while he launches a new fashion line with the promise of a divorce at the end of the week, Gina decides it is time to end this marriage or will a week together change her mind?

Massimo has now got the family business back on track and has come to terms with the fact that the one and only woman he will ever love is his estranged wife Gina and if blackmailing her is the only chance he has of winning her back then that is what he will do. She has meant everything to him and he knows that he has made mistakes in the past and must learn to curb his need to have things his way if he wants her back and the minute they are alone together that passion sizzles through them both.

I really loved this story, Massimo honestly loved Gina very much but duty to his family made him make mistakes and their whirlwind romance didn’t give them time to really get to know each other and there were so many misunderstandings that got in the way instead of talking things through. Seven years on and love is still there, there is so much passion and emotions and a future to cherish together. MS West you never disappoint me your stories they open up a world of glamour and sensual passion with heroes and heroines that are so easy to love thank you for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published April 9th 2018 by Annie West