From Fling to Wedding Ring

From Fling to Wedding Ring

Karin Baine

From Fling to Wedding Ring by Karin Baine

Reviewed by Helen

This is a really moving, emotional story a story of two people who are used to putting other people before themselves and now comes the time to find happiness for themselves, but can they do that? It takes a bit for them to see this but when the do there is lots of joy and happiness.

Mollie Forrester is an extraordinary nurse, helping patients overcome the physical scars of surgery as well as the emotional side, you see Mollie has scars herself from an accident while being an impulsive teenager one that she holds a lot of guilt over and falls into the position of carer, but now she has been volunteered into a dance competition to raise much needed funds for a charity and her partner is surgeon Mr Ben Sheridan, and they have had a run in so being his dance partner doesn’t come easy but the sparks fly with them in more ways than one.

Ben was a teenager who went a bit wild and his loving grandparents took him in now there is just his granddad and he is not well, so Ben spends most of his time outside doing surgery with his grandfather, he has yet to find a woman who is caring enough to think of him and his family. So when he convinces Mollie that they should dance together and their dancing practice entices more than just dancing he is starting to think he may have found the one.

This is a fast paced and very moving story there are a few dilemmas to overcome and secrets from their pasts to be shared before they can even think of going into the future and of course there is their respective families that neither of them will forget about, Mollie has a lot to think about and Ben is a caring loving hero and all that Mollie wants when she see through her past and her fears. Oh I loved this one and cannot recommend it enough, MS Baine you have done it again another fabulous medical that is sure to keep the readers turning the pages and smiling in the end.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published April 17th 2018 by Harlequin Medical Romance Large Print