Maggie Mitchell

Moonshadow by Maggie Mitchell

Reviewed by Helen

This is a sweet short read that hooked me from the start a heroine who has been hurt badly by her ex and is not in any way looking for love but when a new guy, a gorgeous new guy moves into the apartment block she lives in then fate and the moon will have its way.

Melanie Solis is a nurse and works night shift at a busy Sydney hospital and has been trying very hard to ignore her new neighbour rushing past his door when she arrives home as he often keeps it open, but fate steps in when in a rush she drops her keys and who is there to pick them up for her none other than Mr Sexy and their first meeting is rather different.

Sam Kale is a physicist by day but his hobby is astronomy and he has been trying to meet his neighbour for a month now and his chance has arrived but will he get to take her out on a date? With the night of the lunar eclipse just around the corner Sam has set everything up on the buildings’ roof and there is a problem with the door handle but this is going to work in his favour.

Melanie decides that she might try and apologise to Sam for the way she acted on their first meeting and heads to roof where Melanie and Sam’s lives are going to warm up. This is a fabulously written story one that left me smiling and sighing Sam is such a fabulous hero caring understanding and fun and Melanie what a fabulous sense of humour she has, these two meld together so well, this one really hit the spot for a quick read, thank you MS Mitchell I loved it.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: June 14th 2018 by Maggie Mitchell