The Child Between Them

The Child Between Them

Men of Mulhany Crossing #2

Helen Lacey

The Child Between Them by Helen Lacey

Reviewed by Helen

This is a story that is moving and emotional as Marshall Harris finds love again with someone he is drawn to from their first meeting, Holly Berrigan is a woman who has a few issues that have been with her for a long time, can she overcome them to find true love and happiness? If you enjoy a story that will pull at your heart-strings then this is a story for you.

Holly has moved from the city and her father and brothers to the small country town of Mulhany Crossing, she is working as a Vet assistant when she meets saddle maker Marshall Harris and the attraction is instant and a very sensual one night stand leaves Holly pregnant, but will she be able to convince Marshall that she can look after herself and the baby on her own or will she be able to make him see that there can be love again.

Marshall lost his wife eighteen months ago and he is not looking for love again but when he meets his best friend’s new assistant that pull is sudden and sensual and he does something that he has never done before had a one night stand and he knows he treated Holly badly and is totally shocked when she comes to see him six weeks later telling him he is going to be a father. He is determined to do the right thing by Holly but will he fall in love with her in doing so?

The emotions were flying of the pages in this one Marshall had only ever known the love of his wife they had married young but when he met Holly there were sparks and feelings that he had not known before she pushed him made him think and feel and Holly she had guilt issues caused by her father and yes she knew she loved Marshall but marrying someone who didn’t love back would that would be a recipe for disaster considering the love he still had for his lost wife. So when the penny drops and love shines through I was sighing very happily, this is one that I very much recommend.

4/5 stars for a great story

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