Inherited for the Royal Bed

Inherited for the Royal bed

Annie West

Inherited for the Royal Bed (Harlequin Presents)Reviewed by Helen

MS West really knows how to bring the sizzle and sensual pull out with the wonderful words she writes, this story again is just oozing with a physical attraction that will move onto a beautiful romance, when Sayid the new Emir of Halarq comes to realize that he can love not just lust for the woman that was sent to him four years ago the beautiful Lina, this is a story that you are not going to want to put down, I do love seeing a hero fall in love.

Sayid has just taken over the ruling of Halarq and he is determined to change things, make things better than they were when his uncle ruled, he has not had a lot of strong female influence over the years having lost his mother when he was young, yes he has had many woman but he is not interested in anything permanent yet. However when he discovers a young woman in his rooms he is stunned at her beauty but when he realizes why she is there and her age, being who he is he sends her away for her own good.

Lina has been with her aunt and uncle since losing her beloved mother and then her father and they have decided to gift her to the Emir and she always does as she is told but there has been a change in rulers and this Emir is not who she expected, Sayid is shocked and talks to her and learns what she wants and needs and in his kindness he sends her away to study and become a stronger person, four years later Lina is back and ready to repay her debt in helping anyway she can, even spending a week in is bed and those feelings she had four ago are even stronger now.

WOW, MS West has taken me on a journey that had me sighing and smiling, Sayid what can I say what a hero he really is caring and gorgeous but he is a ruler and used to getting his own way, and Lina the strength she shows when she returns the growing up she has done and the way she stands up to him like no other ever would, and the love that is growing when he asks her for a week in his bed, that will never be enough, I loved that Lina was no pushover. This story ticks all of the boxes for a fabulous romance, a story that had me turning the pages and loving this story, this is one that I highly recommend I am never disappointed by one of MS West’s stories, a fabulous story.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: July 1st 2018 by Harlequin Presents