The Sweetest Secret

The Sweetest Secret

Brothers of the Vine #2

Jacquie Underdown

The Sweetest Secret by Jacquie Underdown

Reviewed by Helen

I have really been looking forward to this story since the first one in the series just about blew me away with the emotional journey between Tom and Amy, so this had to do the same and my verdict it did most defiantly, this reader has been left very, very happy after an emotional roller coaster ride, a journey of hurts and secrets of learning and love and opening up, don’t miss this one, these Matthews men are to die for.

Ellie has arrived in the beautiful country town Alpine Ridge to start a new life a talented florist who has a special bond with flowers but seems to always pick the wrong man in her life, she has travelled for nearly a year and now it is time to settle down. Opening her own shop is hard work for Ellie and meeting Amy the owner of the cupcake shop next door brings her also to meet Sam Matthews and she is left speechless at their first meeting but a business arrangement with flowers starts but it also starts a sensual relationship, but will it ever come to a HEA? They both have a lot to overcome.

Sam Matthews is part of the family that runs the vineyard in Alpine Ridge, he is kind of a loner, after having a relationship that burned him very badly he now is the love em and leave guy, he works hard on the vineyard and he also grows flowers in his glasshouse special flowers that mean a lot to him, he also has a lot of emotional issues that he keeps to himself, but when he meets the new florist Ellie sparks fly, he has never felt this way before but he is unsure of their future.

This story is beautiful there are so many emotional problems from both Sam and Ellie from their pasts it can be hard to think of them both making it through to a HEA their journey is a very rocky one, sensual one minute and too much thinking the next that cause them to hurt each other throw in some vandalism that is worrying and then a huge secret that rocks Sam to his foundations. The tears flowed a few times through this story being back in Alpine Ridge with Mitch and Sophie, and Tom and Amy was fabulous but to see Sam finally open up and ask for help and Ellie wow what a strong heroine, yes I loved this as much as the first one and now bring on Mitch’s story woohoo. Thank you MS Underwood I am taking a deep breathe another emotional, gorgeous story one that I highly recommend. I love that you have taken on issues that are a part of life and done so well with them.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published June 4th 2018 by Escape Publishing