Beyond Today

Beyond Today

L Simpson

Beyond Today by L. Simpson

Reviewed by Helen

s is the first book I have read from this author and I do look forward to more, this one at the beginning had me a bit confused with all of the characters, but not for long and then I fell into it and didn’t want to put it down the hero and heroine were bought to life on the pages they are so real and MS Simpson has a fabulous voice for bringing the emotions out in her characters, throw in a nasty family and this is one that I definitely recommend.

Howard is tall gorgeous and rich and he is going to be best man at his best friend Dave’s wedding, but he keeps to himself and keeps a lot of secrets he really is damaged goods so to speak and having relationships is not easy for him, but then he meets his partner for the wedding Hannah and he feels a pull that he has never had before, but will he ever be able to be with someone like Hannah? He has a lot to overcome first.

Hannah has been hurt and burnt by her ex and is no way looking for a man but when she meets the best man Howard at her best friend Molly’s wedding well those thoughts might just be going out the window with the hot sensual pull she feels at their first meeting which is very foot in mouth, this meeting may just bring about a bit of a fling. Can Hannah dig deeper and see the real Howard?

I loved Howard he has been so abused throughout life but could still be so caring to others and Hannah wow what a caring loving heroine and fun, and yes she got to see the real Howard and why he was the way he is and to see them finally come together was just so beautiful, but of course there is often problems with true love and that would be Howards nasty family, but seeing Hannah stand up to them had me cheering her and Howard on. Love and caring bought them together in a very steamy, sensual and moving story to such a fabulous HEA woohoo go Howard and Hannah. Thank you MS Simpson for a great story I do hope that we get to see Annie and the lumberjack’s story.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published November 29th 2017