Raising the Stakes by Karen Rock

Raising the Stakes

Reviewed by Desere

The amazing talent of Karen Rock is back in yet another heartwarming, too good to be true but simply is, read.

This time the author introduced me to Vivienne Harris, hiding out from the world by tucking herself away in the Adirondack woods, it's meant to keep her safe from the dark memories of the Bronx, from danger and from any entanglements.

Then a little visitor in the form of an orphaned bear cub raids her pantry and up shows conservation officer Liam Walsh ! But he brings news of poachers nearby and suddenly Vivienne 's private, peaceful world is turned upside down.

Forces of nature meet the forces of attraction as Vivienne fights to help bear cub Button and Liam intervenes by being dead set against the bear being rehabilitated. But if Vivienne can gain Liam's support she knows she can give Button a good life, and just maybe find the courage to step into a future with Liam too.

From page one I already knew this was going to be one of those reads that will break my heart over and over again and that I would need to find a lot of courage to continue the read , but I also know that this author's books always finds a way of bringing happiness to the characters in such a manner that any heartache I experience will simply fade away.

I adore animals and reads that involve animals are always scary for me, because I always fear them dying or becoming ill or being in such serious danger that I literately want to climb inside the book to save them myself, the author brought all of those emotions to life but I was of course absolutely overjoyed when so many characters gather forces to save Button.

The characters of Liam and Vivienne were strong, independent, and both quite the force to recon with. Their personality clashes was exciting and I absolutely loved the sparks of attraction and defiance.

What got me the most of this read was the very strong message the author sent through her characters, hiding away from the world is never the answer. It simply proves us as being weak and therefore easy targets to get knocked down again. And saying that you're hiding out and there is no chance of getting knocked down again because you are stronger than you use to be, is simply just a lie, unless you stand up and face the wild hard reality of life you will never be strong enough to find courage of any kind.

I highly recommend this read for all fans that love romance reads with overpowering strong emotions, stunningly crafted characters, a memorable setting and a beautiful ending that will leave you with that amazing feeling of happiness and contentment.

5/5 star review
" The wild brings together two souls destined to save each other"