The Sheikh's Princess Bride by Annie West

 Reviewed by Nas

THE SHEIKH’S PRINCESS BRIDE by author Annie West is a Harlequin Presents series release for April 2015.

Sheikh Tariq was a widower with twin baby sons. Princess Samira of the neighboring kingdom was done with love and passion. After an accident she couldn’t conceive, so she proposed marriage to Tariq in the hopes that she could get a ready-made family.

She wanted a no-love, no-sex kind of marriage, would Tariq agree to it? What would happen when Samira finds out the secret Tariq harbors? And then Samira has a secret of her own, she married Tariq for his sons, but she gets more than she bargained for. 

We met Samira in Annie West’s The Sheikh’s Harem Bride and she was a broken girl hiding from the media. It was a pleasure to find Samira’s rise to the top in this story. She was at the pinnacle of her career but would she find love? Read THE SHEIKH’S PRINCESS BRIDE and find out how author Annie West wove this tale in a mesmerizing romance. I read this story in one sitting, so I can guarantee all readers of romance would be hooked from the first page till the last and then keep on thinking about Samira and Tariq and their family!

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 

Reviewed by Desere 

One of the ultimate queen's of romance, Annie West, has once again shaken me to the very core of my soul with a stunning story of married for convenience but desperately in love with each other.

The read tells of Sheikh Tariq of Al-Sharath, on his slate he already has one miserable marriage, and does not need another repeat, his children however need a mother.

Princess Samira of Jazeer has had her share of love and passion, but it left a bitter aftertaste and she certainly does not need any further misery, the knowledge that she cannot have the children she always wanted, it's enough heartache to last her a lifetime.

Then she sees Tariq's children and her motherly instincts kick in. The deal of a lifetime is struck and it's the perfect tie-the-knot with a bow arrangement.

Tariq's children get the mother they need, and Samira can play mommy all day long. There is just one condition, Samira will only marry Tariq if there is to be no sex. Should not be too hard for Samira who does not like sex and for Tariq who is able to control everything in life including his darkest desires. But their overwhelming attraction to each other has other ideas ! But as they say with a past there is always resistance and when the bedroom doors close at night these two fight demons that seem stronger than their passion.

The character of Tariq was a very deep and emotional one, very well developed by the author. His feelings of being incapable of love were heartbreaking and very overwhelming to deal with, I wanted to say something or do something to show him that he is definitely more than capable of love. Of course I could not but I for darn sure tried really hard , yes that's right I shouted out at him and got quite the number of looks from those around me. His kind and tender nature towards his children really melted my heart and was more than enough prove that he is indeed very capable of loving, but of course it is a whole other game of love when it comes to Samira. Through this character the author showed that there is always love hidden somewhere deep inside everyone, even the hardest dead inside criminals have a little something hidden, it just takes the right person to let it shine.

The character of Samira was fabulous, strong willed, independent, and willing to take a risk, afraid the risk would fail her once again but willing non the less, which to me always shows a person as having more courage than they think they do, always interesting to read about. And her asking Tariq to marry her instead of the usual he asks her, loved the twist , it was really fun and fresh new way of getting my attention. Samira's ruined reputation did get to her, but only on that " I let the tears fall when the world is not looking" level, this made her very realistic and I think there are many female readers that will be able to really deeply connect with her, as did I. Through this character the author showed that life has a way of knocking you down so hard that you feel you will never be able to get back up, but there is always an opportunity that will come along that will give you the courage you never knew you had, to get up , take a risk and in the end walk away as a winner.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads that is filled with deep emotion, fabulous sexual tension, remarkable characters, a deep heartfelt journey of love and self discovery and passion so scorching hot the desert sands have never seen anything like it!

5/5 star review
" She's the Princess mother in name that she's always wanted to be, but can he convince her to be the Princess Bride in his bed at night?"