Reckless Deceptions

Reckless Deceptions

Dallas after Dark #3

Karen Rock

Reckless Deceptions by Karen Rock

Reviewed by Helen
I loved being back in Dallas for the third instalment in this series, this is another action packed story of reunited love and the threat of terrorism, we get to meet CIA agent Ryan Arnell and former CIA agent Erica Keeley, not only is she a former CIA agent but she is also the former partner of Ryan, and they are back working together, will their love ignite again through danger.

Ryan is good at what he does, a top agent in the field and always, always follow protocol, he is back in The States to follow up a lead that has come from his ex-partner and arrives at The Dallas Heat nightclub where she is now working, and meeting up again starts the fire roaring in Ryan, after all that they had been through, could he still feel this way for her.

Erica was dismissed from her role as a CIA agent two years previously for not following orders, but that has never stopped her from investigating what went wrong then and now has found a lead that needs to be followed up and who arrives none other than Ryan, the person she loved, will he let her help in the investigation, will she find that love again.

This is a sensual and scorching journey for Ryan and Erica with danger thrown in, and also some personal family problems that Ryan must overcome and he does so with the help of Erica, together Ryan must learn to follow his heart and Erica needs to find some patience and then they can go into the future knowing that they have caught the bad guys and found their true love and happiness. Another story that I highly recommend.

4/5 stars

Published December 18th 2018 by Lyrical Liaison