Losing Control by Robyn Grady

Reviewed by Maria

The world of television is a difficult place in which to build a career,  so competitive and subject to constantly changing trends.   After Taryn Quinn's career had recently suffered an unlucky setback, she'd been elated when hired by Guthrie Hunter, a captain of the media industry. Guthrie Hunter was impressed by Taryn's original and refreshing ideas for new television shows.  But Taryn's joy was short-lived when Hunter's son, the autocratic Cole, made it clear that her staying with the company depends on his say so.  Initially taken aback by Cole's attempts to put her in her place, Taryn decides to give this opportunity her best shot. Cole Hunter can hardly believe it when his attempts to assert his ego by humiliating Taryn backfires and leaves him wearing a glass of the best vintage wine.

Taryn's an amazing woman.  She does the unthinkable - humiliates the boss right back - and gets away with it.  She never compromises on her dignity and integrity.  That woman has class and I want some of that too. Cole, rather than wanting to throw Taryn out on the street, finds himself wanting to spend more time with her - on any pretext.  A fact finding mission  to a spot to be featured in a reality show proposed by Taryn gives the pair the opportunity to shed their inhibitions and get to know each other.  The sparks are guaranteed to fly.  Can they get past their issues and do something about the attraction that's buzzing between them?  This is a Harlequin Desire novel, so high level drama and passion is guaranteed.

I enjoyed this flawlessly written romantic novel, set in a high pressured world.  The interaction between Cole and Taryn fascinated me.  I just had to know how it all worked out.

I've just found a new favourite author.  Robyn Grady is good.  This book is the first in her Hunter Pact Series, about a powerful family.   I look forward to reading the future volumes from this series.

4.5 Stars


Reviewed by Desere

Just when I thought Robyn Grady 's writing could not get any better she has once again completely amazed me,in this her best book yet.

The characters were passionate,delightful and oh so good together! Taryn (btw Robbie I totally adore the name) was held her own and she had loads of class which to me was absolutely delightfully refreshing!

I also really,really loved how Cole got a little of his own back as Taryn was able to give as good as she got,and the manner in which the author described the stunning Pacific Island with such intense detail was exquisite and writing at it's best !

Robbie keep up the amazing work !

5/5 star review

Reviewed by Nas

LOSING CONTROL by author Robyn Grady is from the miniseries ‘The Hunter Pact’ and is book one. Cole Hunter’s story. An October 2012 release from Harlequin Desire.

Cole Hunter was used to looking after everything and taking charge so when he butts head with headstrong TV producer, Taryn Quinn, sparks fly.

Taryn was depending on Cole to give her the go ahead for her latest project. But Cole was intrigued by Taryn herself rather than her project! Yet would Cole give the all clear to Taryn? And what of the simmering attraction between them? Cole is tempted but would he act on it? And who wants to kill his father? Would Cole get the answer to this question? Someone shot at his father and there were other attempts on his life.

LOSING CONTROL is a mixture of boardroom and island romance. It has scorching hot and sensual love scenes as well as emotional connection between Taryn and Cole. Robyn Grady’s latest offering LOSING CONTROL really packs an emotional punch along with some very steamy scenes. And is chock full of sassy dialogue. There is mystery and thrill in this romance which is addictive. Looking forward to more from this miniseries.

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Reviewed by Laura

I loved reading author Robyn Grady's Losing Control. It was a very modern and realistic story. Taryn, the heroine wants something and she goes for it. Cole Hunter is a hot, gorgeous hero whom I loved. There were some very sensual, steamy love scenes. It was a pleasure reading this story and I'm eagerly looking forward to more from this miniseries.

Losing Control (Harlequin Desire)
Losing Control (Harlequin Desire

Reviewed by TashNZ

I was hooked from the explosive beginning; I happily rode the roller coaster ride of intrigue and family drama and before I knew it, I'd reached the gripping finale... which by then I was hoping the two fiercely independent characters, Cole and Taryn will find their happy ever after.

Welcome to the first book of Robyn Grady's new series The Hunter Pact. In Losing Control you meet TV Studio Boss and eldest brother Cole.  He is very passionate about his responsibilities in his families Media Empire; desperate to find out who is making attempts on his fathers life as well as trying to figure out his new employee Taryn, who his father hired without his permission.

Taryn is trying to launch a new Travel TV series which Cole doesn't think will work so he challenges Taryn to prove to him her series will be a ratings hit. Cole accompanies Taryn to her first location, a hidden tropical paradise in the Pacific where it's not long before it's more than just the sun heating things up!  

Losing Control is such a breath of fresh air! It's full of witty dialogue which had me chuckling more than once.     The locations are described beautifully, so much so it's like you're on the Pacific Island with them.  Both Cole  and Taryn are very likeable characters and the extra bonus of having little bit of intrigue thrown in make for an exciting, fast paced and super charged passionate story.

I cant wait for the next installment of The Hunter Pact!

4 Stars