Bound By Her Ring by Nicole Flockton

Bound by Her Ring

Reviewed by Desere

As the title says he is bound to her by her ring and as the book unfolded I not only learned the significance of the ring but also that without the ring more than just a marriage is lost.

The book was, in short, about Jasmine who finds herself with amnesia after surviving a nasty car accident, the only link she has to the last few months of her life before the accident is a set of gorgeously crafted rings on her left hand, and more questions than answers of who the man is she called her husband.

While attending a party one evening she comes face to face with the man who placed those rings there and suddenly her memory starts returning in flashbacks and it seems that Luciano is the key to her unlocking her full past. Now, as much as she is set on regaining her memory Luciano has other plans of the more life destroying kind, he wants revenge and when he finally gets it, he will walk away leaving her as empty as she did him all those months ago.

The main characters of the book were well written and both had their own uniqueness, Jasmine being the woman who finally learns to stand up for herself and Luciano finally learning that control is not always the best option. I also really loved the different kind of person Luciano is every now and then , going from strong and commanding to passionate and caring, that kept me entertained. I particularly loved the manner the author used to layer back their secrets for me as reader. She kept me guessing all the way to the end as to just what really happened to tear these two apart when they clearly loved each other so much.

I was transported back between happier times for the couple and the here and now in fluent motion, which was important as when a book goes from past to future in a non flowing motion it lets me loose interest, as if I want to tell the author " Are you trying to make this as uninteresting as possible", however this author met my expectations and bounced from memory to current situations effortlessly.

The backdrop of Broome was perfect as it not only kept me at a relaxed page while reading with the vivid descriptions the author used to describe the island and it's tranquillity, but it also mixed in beautifully with the turmoiled  emotions that both characters were going through and therefore the calm vs the storm was beautifully combined.

The dialogue was in tune with the story, going from a flirty to emotional and then from secretive to soul baring. And at the end of the day I can honestly say I enjoyed this read very much. It was heated romance combined with cold hearted revenge being brought to a explosive bang by a onslaught of memories and a punchline that left me with sadness and sorrow but also understanding and a large dose of happiness for the characters.

If you're thinking that these two effortlessly and oh so smoothly fall back into bed together after being separated you would be wrong as the author put a lot more effort into it and surely but slowly lets the secrets, memories and love unfold unlike some books that deal with amnesia and lovers, they go from not remembering to jumping into bed and then going "Well that's OK I will remember later". This author took her time but not a dragging manner, as I said before I was kept on my toes and really entertained and intrigued at all time.

The title of the book was incorporated into book with absolutely stunning exquisiteness, which found simply awesome!

Excellent work Nicole, keep them coming!
5/5 star review

"Banishing the past one sensual, sweet, earth shattering kiss at a time"

Reviewed by Tash

Bound By Her Ring by Nicole Flockton is my kind of book! 

Jasmine is recovering from amnesia when she's confronted by Luciano who claims to be her husband.   She doesn't remember Luciano but has memories of a "Lukas".  
Jasmine feels like she's being slowly woken from her internal nightmares when she's with Lukas.  Memories start returning and nothing makes sense; she feels longing for Lukas but has a complete mind blank as to how and why.  Her memory is patchy but small things trigger recollections. Each flashback not only fanned the flames but keep the questions coming, some of which Lukas refuses to answer.   Jasmine is determined to find out her history and is frustrated when Lukas or her father won't assist in recovering her memories.

Lukas is driven by revenge and deep hurt when he reappears in Jasmines life.  H blackmails Jasmine to accompany him on a business trip.  He wants to lash out at the world for past hurts which are fed to the reader drop by glorious drop but his overall qualities shine thru.  Things don't go to plan when Lukas quickly realises he physically feels the same way about Jasmine as he did prior to her accident which in turn makes him question how he feels inside.  The new Jasmine is an enigma to Lukas; things just don't add up.  After spending time together it's hard for Lukas  to remember his desire for revenge.  He clearly loves Jasmine and knows he's in trouble when reaches the conclusion he wants to protect Jasmine and not let her find out her past actions.

I adored Bound By Her Ring because I love second chance stories.  I enjoyed the passionate and emotional ride I was taken on with Lukas and Jasmine.  Their love for each other shone thru.  
The memory sequences are first-class. As each piece of the puzzle clicked into place I could understand Lukas's feelings and my heart just dropped when Jasmine recovered her full memory.  I want to start over and read the book again... not later, now!

I impatiently wait for Nicole Flockton's 3rd book!

Reviewed by Maria

So there you are, getting along as you do and this total stranger appears before you, tall, dark, handsome, the works and he tells you he’s your husband.  And you don’t even remember him?  Then you recall that yes, you’ve been suffering from amnesia lately and lost a year of your life and suddenly everything starts to make sense.  Only it doesn’t.  Because surely you’d remember him, he’s not the kind of guy people forget easily.  And now he’s insisting you come away with him on a business trip.  Sounds like the stuff that fantasies are made of, right?  Well, it’s a killer premise for a romance novel.

This is a highly sensual read.  Jasmine may not remember this man, but she sure has fun trying to get her memory back.  The love scenes are incredibly detailed and while the language for the most part was poetic rather than erotic, it almost slipped over the border into erotica at times.

The author has a most engaging voice which is perfect for romance fiction and kept me reading eagerly to the end.  Each time Jasmine remembers a detail from her past, a piece of the puzzle falls into place, revealing, ultimately, the truth about what really happened to her and the shocking reason why she lost her memory in the first place.  

The lavish description and thrilling premise makes this a must read for readers of romance fiction.