An Invitation To Sin by Sarah Morgan

Reviewed by Desere

Being a bad girl can have it's benefits and it's drawbacks especially when your famous and everything you do is closely watched by the entire world.

For actress Taylor this is the case and to get back to the top she needs to make sure her current staring role goes off without a problem. Only she does not count on becoming public enemy number one when she "steals" the ever deliciously tempting I 'll -shock-you-into-a-world of scandal-sex and heat- Luca.

To recover her ground and to also help Luca gain access to the business deal he needs to secure with a board of directors they decide to get "engaged" and soon the heat turns into a blazing passion so hot I could feel the characters go up in flames!

The main characters of Luca and Taylor were both simply stunning to read about. Luca the oh so very sinful badboy, sex on legs and tempting enough to make any woman fall at his feet, was strong, dominate and what we all really want our men to be possessive but in a good way.

I loved that he is powerful and not afraid to show it, he knows how to handle a tough situation and does so with absolute flair! But he is also just a man and able to fall and fall hard he does.

Taylor was in the start of the read a bit harder to understand as she is a actress yet seems terrified of the press, and that is not something I would associate with a actress use to lights, camera action.

But as I read on the author delved deep into Taylor's emotions and past letting it all unveil why Taylor goes into a state of terror whenever the press aim their attention at her.

The backdrop setting was stunning from the moonlight beach where the author shows we all need a change to be who we really are to the most exciting, sexiest,  mind blowing opera performance ever!

The dialogue was packed with drama, excitement, passion and secrets just waiting to be revealed, but also light and breezy at certain times as Luca and Taylor shows their playful side.

The descriptions used were truly remarkable, I could feel the power from Luca's Ferrari revving up Taylor's inner sex kitten, unleashing the true badgirl she works so hard to hide from the world.

I adored how the author took simple phrases and turned them into sexy as sin sentences leaving me as reader in complete awe as to just how amazing this author's writing truly is.

I honestly did not think the author could make a improvement yet she has taken her writing to a new level of sensuality, hotter than hot sexual tension, absolute exquisite moments of conflict and raw heartfelt emotion powerful enough to bring me to tears.

I highly recommend this read for all lovers of deep, powerful, meaningful, sexy romances!
5/5 star review
"He unleashes her inner badgirl touch by sensual touch"
 Review by TashNz

What an absolute pleasure it was to read Sarah Morgan's An Invitation to Sin, it was a completely absorbing and entertaining read mixed with loads of laughs and lots of passion.

Luca and Taylor have an explosive meeting at Luca's cousin's wedding.  Before they can blink they're both caught up in a whirlwind of half-truths which they continue to flame and use each other in order to benefit in their professional lives.  

The conversation between Luca and Taylor was nothing short of brilliant.  Oh, how I laughed and laughed and laughed out loud.  What started off as giggles turned into good and honest belly laughs.

Luca is THE most honest and upfront hero.  He knows he's an ass and absolutely revels in it. I absolutely loved him for his honest and upfront look on life.  Taylor compliments him perfectly and is a fascinating character to read.

Luca's cousin Santo is the producer of the film that Taylor has been hired to star in.
A prominent character in this book, Santo gets his story in the book 1, Carol Marinelli's, A Legacy of Secrets.  I also cannot wait to read Alessandro's story.

This was my first introduction to the upcoming Corretti Dynasty Series and I have to say I'm hooked! I cant wait to read all the other installments and I eagerly await their upcoming releases over this year.  


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

In Invitation To Sin by Sarah Morgan

What is a famous actress, trying to stay out of the spotlight personally. And a Rich, handsome, I don't care what anyone thinks, playboy to do after getting caught in a passionate embrace at a wedding. Why announce their fake engagement of course.

Taylor Carmichael has been an actress since she was a small child, and it is one thing she truly loves to so. But she has been taken advantage of by everyone in her life that was suppose to either love her or protect her. She has come to realize she can trust no one. And one mistake hangs over her like a dark cloud. Never feeling as though she can relax and be herself. 

Luca Corretti  is one very hot and sexy Sicilian. Growing up with an insecure mother, he knows he wants no clinging women in his life. More than six hours together is to much. And never ever will he have a woman stay overnight. But as he spends more and more time with Taylor he is having different thoughts.

I loved this second novel in "Sicily's Corretti Dynasty" series. Sarah Morgan wrote two strong main characters. While they might have fame and money, they didn't come from happy family backgrounds. I really enjoyed the humorous banter between Taylor and Luca and found myself laughing out loud a number of times. I am looking forward to finishing the entire series!

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5/5 stars