My Double Life/ Wild and Wicked by Joanne Rock

Reviewed by Desere

Book one : My Double Life:

SCORCHING HOT READ ALERT!  I am one hundred present sure that all of us have a wicked side that we either find the guts to release to the world or to someone in private or we let the alter ego stay in the shadows never to be released. But which ever you choose I think letting your other self crack through the surface is definitely the way to go as life is too short not to have some fun.

In the latest read from author Joanne Rock she took a everyday kind of girl Courtney,who is like most of us shy at some point but also shy to the point that talking to hot guys makes her stutter and run, and changed her into a tigress of the night, falling straight into the arms of the man her dreams are made of.

Sound absolutely stunning right? And it certainly was, I loved this read so much that I honestly could not put it down for even a minute I simply had to see how the author would take this insecure woman and turn her into a full fleshed temptation that no man can resist.

The main character of Courtney as I said is a shy girl but also has a little bit of fun on the side by taking pole dancing classes, unexpected events land her on stage in front of a crowd who makes her nervous, which she figures can be easily overcome as after all she is wearing a mask and no one there knows her, but she soon discovers her new hot and very sexy client enter-the-hot-tub-and-I'll-take-you-to-sexual-heaven-Trey is not only in the crowd front and centre but also that he is the only man she wants to really offer up a show for. I loved how the author brought the bad girl out in her by using Trey as the bait.

Only Trey is not your average guy the man has many issues on the family side and this causes some rift between Courtney and Trey offering up some great moments of underlining conflict but in a classic Joanne Rock style it is not the furiously argumentive kind of conflict but that special kind of "we don't shout we just calmly talk it out till the point were there is nothing left to say". I am not always a big fan of this kind of gentle conflict but with the unique writing style of this author it is what made the relationship between these two characters so much more romantic than others I have read before.

The backdrop settings were incredibly sexy from the stage at the nightclub to the hot tub scene that will totally blow your mind and leave you breathless and begging for your very own Trey to come into your life.

The dialogue was really sexy and playful but also held emotional tension of the best kind. I highly recommend this read for all fans of Joanne Rock and readers looking for romance with a unique plot, it is not everyday we find a plain Jane moonlighting as a dancer!

5/5 star review
" Unmasking each other heated kiss after heated kiss"

Book Two Wild and Wicked:

Sizzle, sizzle and more sizzle ! This book absolutely oozed sex and wild and wicked thoughts brought to life when one woman Kyra goes after her best friend Jesse. And my oh my does Kyra make Jesse not only nearly pop an eyeball she very nearly kills the man in a outfit so sexy there is no man on earth that would be able to resist.

The read is about Kyra she is best friend to Jesse and also business partner but she wants to be so much more, she simply cannot get over how much she wants straddle-me-and-I'll-show-you-the-ride-of-your-life Jesse.

And she goes after the man in spectacular fashion ladies, yes a plan so deliciously wicked you never would have thought it! Kyra goes all pirate and kidnaps Jesse and shows him what he has been missing.

I loved how the author let the friendship first be fully blossomed before going into full red hot sexual mode. This is sometimes a very vital part in a relationship as I believe that sometimes it is better for two people to really truly know each other before the uncontrollable urge to strip each other goes into overdrive.

The characters were both very well written and I totally loved them both and could not stop myself from rooting for these two all the way I simply had to make sure they find their happy ending.

The backdrop setting was one of fun and excitement. This read really burned up the pages with sensual heat and passion of the most wicked kind. The dialogue was simply delicious and the author took me from friendship talk to straight out sexy talk.

It was as if the characters were going to jump out of the pages at me any minute, yes my reading friends they were that real and that good. I highly recommend this read for all romance fans looking for a read that has loads of sizzling sensual heat and intense underlining romance.

I also really loved the message of friendship is the stating point to romance that the author conveyed to me as reader.

5/5 star review
" Sometimes getting your man means you need to wild and just a little bit more than wicked"