Fearless by Tawny Weber

Reviewed by Nas Dean

FEARLESS by Tawny Weber is September 2013 release for new imprint Cosmo Red Hot Reads.

Gia has hots for workmate Luke but didn’t dare do anything or act due to company policies. And also due to fact she was not used to acting on her fantasies.

Then her group of girlfriends hatched up an idea to transform Gia into a hot, sexy girl and put her in the path of Luke when he is in Las Vegas. Gia rocks Luke’s world in Vegas, while acting out all her fantasies for the first time. But, then she walks away. Back to her normal staid life. Why did Gia run away from Luke? And what would happen when Luke discovers the truth that is Gia?

FEARLESS is a delightfully fast-paced and feel-good romance which sparkles with mesmerizing sensuality and intense passion.

Highly recommended for lovers of hot, sexy romance.