Lost in Kakadu by Kendall Talbot

Lost In Kakadu

Reviewed by Desere

Being a socialite is never a bad thing, if you can handle the pressure. But when it changes you into pure brat material let's face it no one is going to like you very much, you might even be disliked to the point where your husband cheats on you, and that is saying a lot.

But as in most cases in life there is always something that happens to open up the gates and a chance to leave behind the brat and bring out the real woman. In this read from author Kendall Talbot the opening of the gates happens for socialite Abi and leaves her with not only a chance to bring out the real her, but also a chance at survival in one of the most unlikely places and certainly not where she thought she would ever be.

Abi travels with her husband but the plane crashes and Abi finds herself trapped with another survivor Mac. Mac has lost his partner in the crash and is very torn up about the loss, however as the fight for survival in the middle of nowhere grows so does the chemistry between Abi and Mac, only letting go of the past fully and looking towards the future is always easier said then done and first things first they need to get out of there alive.

The character of Abi was fascinating to read , I have read others reads about socialites that are the typical brats but not written so intensely as by this author. Now as we all know there is always a reason behind the icy cold heart, either the pressure of being perfect, the pressure of never letting the true person you are shining through for fear of rejection, no matter the reason is always there .

I adored how the author let Abi unfold and eventually the true Abi shined through in vivid detail. She was a very real character for me as I could link her back to real life and the fact that most of us have this image we believe is important to uphold or a secret to protect and we defend our actions by hiding behind a icy fa├žade or actions that is simply not the true us, yet we cling and cling to it until it changes us forever and not always for the best.

The character of Mac was rather unconventional and not what I usually expect in a romantic read. However the author made him work. A tortured hero yes, yet a life so sad that the more I read about him the more I was thinking so sad or tortured just plain heartbreaking and I wanted to fix the man somehow. I loved how the author lets him also face his past but at the same time lets him stay focused, a lot of men of his type would completely go batty over the lost situation, yes worse than most woman would.

I simply adored how the author let Mac and Abi not only build each other up from broken to healing but that she also lets them both find inner strength they never knew they had and not only through each other but also through individual acts, they both change into stunning remarkable people.

The backdrop settings were extremely well written by the author and I could with vivid detail picture the surroundings and after reading this book I have to get lost in Kakadu just to be able to truly see it all!

The dialogue was romantic, emotional, understanding, passionate, intense and humorous, yes all in one. I was kept on the edge of my seat not only rooting for these two to find happiness but also to get out of there! The survival elements used by the author was simply fascinating, I honestly cannot tell you what I found most captivating the blossoming relationship between Mac and Abi, them both changing, the power of death or the fight to survive or the descriptions of being lost, no wait I can, I loved it all!!

I'm taking a way a message of when we reach a point of being truly lost and having to fight to get out alive, it is life trying to tell us we are on the wrong path and we need to take a detour before it is too late or we might find ourselves lost to the world forever.

The read does start out a little slow but builds to one heck of a ride or is that flight, either way you will not be disappointed. Mystery, secrets, adventure, love and truth setting them free.

I highly recommend this read for fans of romance but romance with more that just a few twists, the author delivered something new and fresh on each and every page. A thrilling, captivating, deep, adventurous and and very memorable read.

5/5 star review
"Hearts lost and happiness found"