The Rebel And The Heiress by Michelle Douglas


Reviewed by Desere

The once privileged Nell Smythe-Witaker loses her family fortune and it's time to step up or ship out and into a pit of doom. As we all know, if you don't get out there and work your tail off , nothing will come your way.

Her lucky break is that she has some help from rebel bad boy Rick Bradford! We have all heard the stories of those sexier than sin rebel bad boys turning into knights in shining armor. But is it always the full truth and nothing but the truth, or is the knight in shining armor already alive and well but hiding behind the rebel facade?

Rick has not seen Nell since their childhood days, but there is a little matter of a family mystery that still needs to be solved so it all comes down to Rick needing Nell's help just as badly as she needs his help. But of course as we mentioned this is a full fleshed bad boy and that will never been good for the image of any heiress, but he is more than willing to prove he can be good enough for her on every single level she needs him to be, all she has to do is let him help her and not her him.  But does Nell really want the bad boy tamed or is she seeking a little rebel time of her own?

I love, no that 's a lie, I adore this author's books, and every time I receive her latest book in my all too very happy hands it's a struggle to fight the time till the clock hits the hour when work is done and it's time to sink away into the magical world of romance this author creates time after time.

This time around it was no different, I counted down the hours and of course got absolutely nothing done because this book's stunning cover immediately tells you that inside the pages lies a guaranteed masterpiece of romance at it's best!

When I was finally able to shut the world out and get into the story of Rick and Nell I was lost, completely lost and I never wanted to be found again. The read was all kinds of pure fantastic brilliance!

The main characters were both so beautiful I fell in love with them so very deeply. I rooted for them from start to finish! Rick trying so hard to be this bad boy yet always making sure he helps were can was really great to read. I watched this bad boy image of a man unfold into the perfect knight in armor with every little detail the author laid out, and I fell harder and harder for this man as it all emerged.

Nell was awesome! Strong, courageous and a real fighter. I really loved the links to the past that Nell uses to bring out the real Rick, it was so romantic !!!

I am taking away a message of as human beings we are meant to always help others, because it is the right thing do to, but if it is all we do and along the way  we lose the faith to believe the true good in ourselves we will end up destroying our own lives. Help were you can but don't always try to be the hero, because everyone needs help and that includes you.

So instead of always pushing to help others and pushing their help away when you need it, try to understand that just like you always want to help those you care about , they also care about you and want to help you. Don't let a bad ' I can do this by  myself ' attitude stand in the way of you being truly helpful by letting others help you. And never give up on your dreams !

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance. Michelle Douglas has once again shown why she is one of the best international selling authors in the world! She takes a story of romance and turns it into a magical, remarkable, memorable read that will have you believing in dreams of happiness in a heartbeat!

5/5 star review
" The Princess and the rebel find their happy ever after" 

Reviewed by Nas

THE REBEL AND THE HEIRESS by author Michelle Douglas is a Harlequin Romance release for August 2014. It’s the second story from the mini-series, The Wild Ones. The first story was about Tash and Mitch in Her Irresistible Protector. Tash and Rick, our hero, are best of friends.

Rick Bradford is a rebel from the wrong side of the tracks. Could he ever be good enough for heiress, Nell Smythe-Whittaker.

Nell is facing hard times but is determined to make it on her own. But she does need Rick’s help. Could Rick and Nell be a help to each other?

THE REBEL AND THE HEIRESS is a well written romance by author Michelle Douglas. It was an emotionally uplifting story which a reader would be hooked on till the very last page. 

Highly recommended to all lovers of romance stories.