Boots on the Ground by Rebecca Crowley

Boots on the Ground (Homefront, #1)

Reviewed by Desere 

With  really rough start to life in foster care it is no surprise that Grady Reid ended up serving thirteen years in Afghanistan, he saw friends die, fought battles no man has to fight and has finally reached his breaking point.

He decides a fresh start in life is the way to go, he puts down all his savings on a beat up ranch in the small town of Meridan, it's time to plant some roots.

Once there he get's a job as a road worker in order to make ends meet whilst building the ranch , he keeps his war demons to himself and just takes day to day as it comes. But he does not count on the days including a very sexy and very privileged Dr. Laurel Hayes.

She's tempting so very tempting and soon he finds himself enslaved by her sexy curves and falling for her harder than he's ever fallen before. But Laurel has a yearning to travel the world whilst playing Dr and she's so very close to making the dream a reality she can very nearly taste it.

Can Grady make her see she's meant to stay in his arms or will she be gone by morning, leaving him abandoned once again?

This was a really nice read, it had a good and fast paced plot, things move very quickly between the characters , it does seem a little slow in the start but trust me keep going, it picks up very quickly from chapter three, and it's totally worth it.

The character of Grady was a regular soldier that suffers from post traumatic stress disorder yet still keeps his balance by fighting for everyone and everything he believes in which made him all the more sexy. I loved how the author let snippets from his past drift in and out of the read, it really helped with piecing him together, it is not always done in reads where soldiers are involved and most of the time you get that glimpse into his war background but not the before part , so really nice work Rebecca!

The character of Laurel was someone I could really connect with, I really felt sorry for her being so privileged yes it does sound out of place but when someone has it all, it does not always mean they are happy. So yes I felt very sorry for her having it all yet not really having anything at all. I loved how the author let's Laurel's good nature shine through in the read, not once does Laurel have a snobbish attitude, she knows she good looking, she knows she has it all but it does not let her go about bossing people around, which was a really nice touch.

I am taking away a message of no matter if you have it all or if you have nothing at all, there is always something or someone in life that will let you see what's missing or even what exactly you already have.

I recommend this read for all fans that love a good paced romance read with sweet passion and a happy ever after ending.

4 star review
" He seeks to keep his boots on the ground she wants to hit the floor running"