Dressed to Thrill by Bella Frances


Reviewed by Desere

Being a model I am positive involves a lot of " I need to always look my best", " Should I be eating that?", " Oh heck no I can't wear this, what if the paps are around!"  But that's just the model, what about the person on the other side of the model, yep the one standing there tinkering with the last minute details of the outfit the model is about to make headlines with?

What do they with their less than perfect bodies feel like? Intimidated? Jealous? Thinking about what if I do this or that will I then look like this ? I like to think it's all of those but of course as with everything else in life one needs to stand strong and simply take a no care attitude, you're good at something else so who cares if you don't look picture perfect enough to wear something that someone else is able to make look fabulous!

Of course that is so much easier said then done and even if you are able to have that no care attitude at some point it simply boils down to , you always having to fake it, the real you never escapes from it's bonds.

In this debut from Bella Frances this is the precise attitude fashion designer Tara Devine has, she's no model but she's really good at what she does and just like she wows the fashion world with her designs and she also wows our hero in this read, Mr- I -make-the-rules Michael Cruz. But his arrival has the opposite effect on her, she's not about to be like all the other woman who have had the unfortunate drama of being Miss-Want-to -be -Cruz . No way, and she let's him know it too, " She's every bit as much the bad girl as he is the bad boy, but soon their personalities hit a tidal wave of epic proportions.

And one wild night later Tara realizes that Michael 's bed is the only place she hasn't faked it. And it's ready, set go for the battle is about to start , because Michael might have gotten under her clothes but has he gotten to her heart? Not likely , right?

The back and forth insults flying across the pages of this read was phenomenal , as every reader knows that 's what gives way to that one in a million explosive romance everyone craves. Tara dished it out every bit as good as Michael delivered.

Both characters were fighters , life having dished out enough heartache and sorrow to push them to always fight back no matter what, this I adored! I loved them both constantly standing their ground and not backing down. Of course as we all know there is always more that what meets the eye , and this my dear reading friends is where this read really took off. The author did an absolutely phenomenal job showing just what really lies behind the characters bravado.

Through the character of Tara she showed that we all try to be something we simply are not, think of the woman that wears black leather to try and look bad ass, but in actual fact she's an angel with a really sweet and caring personality, but because she's been burned before she protects herself with an image of being everything she 's not.

Through the character of Michael the author showed, we are never meant to control everything or everyone, yes we seem to think it's okay because what we do or say is only because we are trying to protect them, but is it really them or us we are trying to shield from misery?  Lighten up and let other's find their own path, stay focused on your own if don't you will take the wrong turn off and end up resenting the chances you never took.

I am taking away a message of life has many up's and down's we all know this already and we all know we are meant to do things differently in order to end up with some form of the result we wanted or needed. But when the chance comes around to be different and simply be you, the most important part to remember is to not fight it.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romances with a kick. It was passionate, sexy, smart and extremely entertaining and had a stunning message of breaking free from the bonds of the past. Bella Frances welcome to the world of romance!

5/5 star review
" The battle is about to start, but who will be the " boss" when it all comes to an lights-flashing- world watching end?"