SAYING YES TO THE BOSS by Andrea Laurence

Review by Amanda

Saying Yes to the Boss by Andrea Laurence kicks off the brand new multi-author series Dynasties: The Newports. Ms. Laurence has crafted a full out sexy story which took me as a reader on an entertaining journey where blazing passion, deep emotions, intense drama between flawed characters captivated me from beginning to end. The riveting chemistry between the gorgeous Carson Newport and his PR Georgia Adams kept me entranced as they worked hand in hand in the business arena while simmering below is that red-hot attraction. For me, Carson came off as cynical in the beginning but seeing him evolve made me start to like him. Meanwhile the character of Georgia—I love that name!—had me rooting for her from the very start. Her attitude, her overall outlook had been engaging and realistic. I really think readers would find this story entertaining because I sure did! The story had the Andrea Laurence stamp on it: broody hero, strong spunky heroine, intense drama, humor and that oh-so-sizzling passion.

4.5 Stars