Bad Boy Rancher

Bad Boy Rancher

Rocky Mountain Cowboys #3

Karen Rock

Bad Boy Rancher by Karen Rock

Reviewed by Helen

This is a gorgeous story, an emotional roller coaster with two people that have been through so much, can they together heal each other, heal their souls and move on to a wonderful HEA with such love that could burst into fireworks. Justin Cade and Brielle Thompson are in need of redemption and working together while helping others with problems opens their souls and emotions to healing and love.

Justin is still on the ranch with his very supportive family but he is not the same person he was since the loss of his other half, his twin Jesse in tragic circumstances and he turns bad boy not caring if he lives or not, he suffers such guilt and turns to things he shouldn’t, then things change when he is involved in an accident that could have taken his life, this brings Chaplain Brielle Thompson into his life, is she his angel the person that can save him?

Brielle former army Chaplain and now councillor is suffering PTSD after serving in Kandahar, after being discharged from the army she is taking on a position as councillor at a house in Carbondale Colorado Fresh Start being set up for people with varying problems, this is her chance to prove herself get on with life and keep the past locked away, that is until she meets the dangerous bad boy Justin Cade and now Brielle in in for the journey to happiness and redemption.

Bad boy and Chaplain can they fall in love with the pasts both of them have this was a journey with a few ups and downs in it but what a journey the emotions brought me to tears for them, these two people just cried out for happiness two really good people and the clicked even if they didn’t see it for a while. Brielle thought she would need to keep Justin wrapped in cotton wool but he needs to let go and be adventurous but they needed to do it together. MS Rock you have written a heart-felt romance that took on problems that happen every day and showed that caring and loving people can make a difference, thank you I loved Justin and Brielle’s story and highly recommend this one to anyone who loves a story that will make you smile.

5/5 stars

Published April 3rd 2018 by Harlequin Heartwarming