Her New York Billionaire by Andrea Bolter

Reviewed by Nas Dean

HER NEW YORK BILLIONAIRE is debut book by Andrea Bolter is a Harlequin Romance series release for September 2017.

Holly Motta came to New York to start a new life. But she bumps into Ethan Benton in the flat she was supposed to stay at. Alone. But he was there. And he didn’t want to go. So they decided to share the flat for the night.

Then Ethan came up with the idea of making Holly his fake fiancĂ©e. Because he needed a fake engagement to pass off at his company’s gala event. But they had scorching chemistry between them and sparks flew.

What would happen when secrets come out? Because there were background secrets Holly was hiding. Would Ethan still want her?

HER NEW YORK BILLIONAIRE is a sweet emotional story from author Andrea Bolter. The setting was so well depicted that I have a hankering to move to NYC! Readers would stay hooked to the story till the last page to find out what happened next.   

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Her New York Billionaire

Andrea Bolter

I welcome a fabulous new voice to the romance world, this is MS Bolter’s debut and what a beauty it is so beautifully written it pulled me in from page one with such engaging characters and a setting that is just so good I would love to visit New York one day and MS Bolter has encouraged this, so sit back with a drink and a comfortable seat and enjoy.

Holly Motta has had a very tough life growing up and now it is time to think of herself she is a talented artist and wants to make a name for herself, so off to New York she goes. Her brother has organized for her to stay at an apartment owned by the company he works for, for a few days to get herself settled but the last thing Holly expects is a very handsome man lying on the sofa let alone that he is the billionaire owner of the company her brother works for and there is a definite spark could this be the start of her new life?

Ethan Benton has sworn of woman there has only ever been one woman that has meant anything to him and that is his Aunt Louise and she runs the company that his father and brother started but it is time for her to retire and Ethan to take over but Aunt Louise is determined that Ethan will be settled with a woman to help, a future wife someone he loves, so Ethan has a plan for a fake fiancé and with Holly arriving on his doorstep covered in blue paint a plan starts forming in his mind, this could work.

I thoroughly loved this story a real Cinderella story for me my favourite troupe and Ethan is gorgeous and generous and he is so right for Holly and Holly what a wonderful heroine she is so different from the model types Ethan has dated before. Holly says what she thinks is caring and loving and what a whirlwind journey they have one that will truly make you smile and sigh. This was a joy to read one that I highly recommend woohoo welcome MS Bolter to the romance world and I look forward to many more of your stories straight onto the auto buy list.

Reviewed by Helen
5/5 stars for a fabulous story