The Marriage of Inconvenience

The Marriage of Inconvenience

Nina Singh

The Marriage of Inconvenience by Nina   Singh

Reviewed by Helen

Well this one is a lovely story of second chance romance and the first book I have read of MS Singh’s and I look forward to many more, she has a beautiful writing voice that brings out the emotions and feeling that two people can keep hidden for a long time. Sit back and enjoy this trip to the lovely tea plantation and the blooms that help make tea and bring Angel and RJ back together.

Angeline Scott comes from a rich Boston family and has been used to the best of everything but in college she meets a boy RJ Davet from the other side of the tracks but for Angel that is not a problem because she has fallen for him deeply and quickly, they marry and she is disowned by her father, but for a time they are very happy and Angel starts up her own business TeaLC and RJ has his own company but this pulls them apart and they separate. Years later Angel needs RJ’s help to get a new contract will he help?

RJ has never felt good enough for the beautiful Angel who is a true Angel in his eyes but guilt about pulling her away from her father the only family she has, has built a wedge between them, he has now built up his company and is doing really well, so when she gets in contact with him to ask him to pretend to be her loving husband (seeing as how they have never divorced) for a few days to help her get a contract he tries other ways to help unsuccessfully he is not sure that he can be that close to her you see he has never stopped loving her.

This trip together is the best for both, RJ has such a hard time believing that he can be good enough for Angel and Angel has never felt that way she has always been very proud of how RJ has built himself up and for the honest and caring person he is and she does everything to convince him. Really this is a beautiful sensual and moving story that had me turning the pages this is one that I highly recommend and I sense another story involving both RJ and Angel’s off siders here’s hoping. Thank you MS Singh for a fabulous story

4/5 stars for a great story

Published July 4th 2017 by Harlequin